Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Our Thoughts on Merle Norman Cosmetics

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Merle Norman offers a huge line of products from fragrances, skincare, to cosmetics. Whether your skin is oily, combo, or dry, your going to find something here that works for you. We had the opportunity to review their Revitalizing Bubbly Mask and a Plush Lipstick. I have to admit I was excited to see how the Bubbly mask would work for me.

The Revitalizing Bubbly Mask from Merle Norman is a fun sensory formula designed to capture the skin’s youthful vitality. Emollients and humectants will hydrate skin leaving it soft and smooth. Time released antioxidants improve clarity, conditions, soothes and evens out skin tones while Vivilume helps restore skin luminosity.

I use this after cleansing my face. I apply the Bubbly Mask in sections such as right cheek, left cheek, forehead and so on in a thin layer. It did not cause my skin irritation. It’s not uncomfortable what so ever. In fact it leaves it feeling very soft and silky. I love the baby soft feeling. The mask will boost skin’s moisture, leaving it more hydrated and soft. It’s a quick pick up for skin. It brightens and revives dull, lackluster skin. This is refreshing and super cool. This would be a wonderful gift for one's self, family member or friend.

We also received a Plush Lipstick from Merle Norman. This wraps your lips in plush texture, sensational color with a satin-matte finish. Shea butter and Vitamin F keeps my lips looking and feeling soft and supple. The lipstick has a multi-level hydration system. It’s free of Gluten, Carmine and Parabens.

The color is superb. Your lips will look gorgeous and feel silky soft. They have 25 beautiful lipstick colors such as Daredevil, Arty, Rapture and more. These are high-quality colors for your lips, made with the safest ingredients.

One of the first women in the cosmetics industry and a true innovator Merle Norman combined her revolutionary business model with breakthrough products that empowered women to work and feel their best. Merle Norman introduced the unique idea in 1931, that women should try cosmetic products with beauty expert guidance before making a purchase.

Merle Norman Cosmetics remains family-owned with franchise studios located throughout the United States, Canada and internationally. They continuously evolve and create effective, exciting and technologically advanced products. Meryl Norman cosmetics remains dedicated to setting trends and fulfilling the ongoing needs of diverse customers everywhere.

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  1. The Revitalizing Bubbly Mask from Merle Norman sounds really nice. This company is where I got my very first makeup as a teen.