Friday, October 11, 2019

The SlipCover Company

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Do you have furniture that your not quite happy with? There could be many reasons why. Your furniture could be out of date or maybe the kids have been hard on it. For whatever reason, your budget isn't going to allow for new furniture right now. I have been there.

The SlipCover Company gave me the opportunity to review a couch and chair cover. I was ecstatic. This is a wonderful way to give old furniture a new life with a great new look. It is also a wonderful way to protect new furniture.

There are so many unique styles and designs to choose from at The SlipCover Company. It is hard to decide because they have so many beautiful covers for couches, chairs, dining room chair covers, car covers, pet covers and daybed covers. I settled for a gorgeous Leopard Print Sofa and Chair Cover.

The leopard print couch and chair cover is a beautiful animal print on suede slipcovers. These were made using high quality and durable materials. The material is super soft.

The slipcovers are very easy to put on your furniture. Should you have any difficulties there is a YouTube video with instructions. You will also find a fitting guide on their web site. Both the couch and the chair slipcover are a matching pattern. I notice that these unique and high quality slipcovers are affordable. I have seen slipcovers that are priced outrageously. You might as well get new furniture at that rate. The SlipCover Company offers the covers at a reasonable price without sacrificing the quality.

My family is very pleased with the unique slipcovers. It really is like getting new furniture. The bold rich pattern looks great in our living room.

This is an awesome idea for the coming holidays. Give someone's furniture a unique new look for a reasonable cost. These classic slipcovers make furniture look high end. The SlipCover Company has many designs and options to suit different styles. Add some color to your own home without breaking the bank to buy brand new furniture. They also offer pet covers. Keep your vehicle safe when traveling with your pets.

The SlipCover Company was founded in 1994. They design and manufacture an exclusive set of covers for home and outdoor use. The company was established with the idea to offer consumers new options to redesign their home interior or even protect their furniture. The slipcover company has over the years expanded its range of products to cover a large number of needs. Today they offer products ranging from the original slipcovers to the modern-day dining chair covers. The company also offers throws, pillows, double-sided slipcovers, daybed covers, headboard covers, car covers, pet covers, and the latest Innovations.

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  1. This would be great for our old couch that clashes with our new house.

  2. I am thinking about new living room furniture but this might be a viable (and cheaper) option

  3. That is really pretty. I need some for our furniture!

  4. Sounds like a good solution, very thoughtful company.

  5. These are nice. I had priced having slipcovers made custom, and wowie, it is very expensive, so I didn't do it. These are a great alternative that won't break the budget.