Saturday, October 26, 2019

Women’s Bean Project for Holiday Gifting

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.
It is sweater weather ya’all! Can you all believe that it is October already? In just a few weeks we are going to be getting ready to think about our holiday dinners and all the delicious food we’ll be baking. It’s also the season for soups.

We had the opportunity to review Cookie and brownie mixes along with Ten Bean soup and spice from Women's Bean Project. They offer some lovingly handcrafted packages of sweets, snacks, soups, gift baskets and more. Not only are their sweets yummy, I love the back story.

We received from the Women's Bean Project the Cookie Bundle which includes the recipe to make both Grammy’s Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix and Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Mix. We also received Cindy’s Chocolate Brownie Mix. These mixes all come with the whole recipe in a box. All you have to do is mix up the high-quality ingredients and bake them. We also received Toni’s Ten Bean Soup from Women’s Bean Project. These soups are nicely packaged in a tube-like bag with cooking instructions on how to prepare the beans. There is a handwritten signature on these beans and all the handcrafted packages from the person that has packaged them. These beans are all so colorful, and taste great on a cool Fall evening.

The Women’s Beans Project offers high-quality affordable recipes soups and spices. They offer beautiful gift baskets, a great idea for the coming holidays. These items are put together with special care.

The Women’s Bean Project is actively doing many wonderful things to help women succeed. If you would like to learn more visit them at Women's Bean Project

The women’s been project has many items you can purchase, gift items, baking mixes, bean soups, beverages and more. The prices vary depending on what items you buy and are usually shipped within 1 to 2 business days of placing your order.

Women’s Bean Project is a non-profit social enterprise that believes all women have the power to transform their lives through employment. It’s a transitional employment program serving women who have struggled to maintain employment. Also, when they hire women they then enter the role of a production assistant and work in their food manufacturing business making and packaging all the products that they sell.

Women are in their program for 6 to 9 months after which they graduate into an entry-level, career-building job. While in their program, women take part in a robust program of classes and receive wrap-around support from their team of case managers, program volunteers, and community partners. Their goal is to help women start on the path of self-sufficiency and address the many barriers to employment they have faced throughout their lifetime. They help women develop stability, crucial skills and set goals that will carry into the next chapter. They do this through a combination of on the job training, life skills classes, and career service assistance case management.

You can connect with the Women's Bean Project via
Women's Bean Project


  1. OOh snickerdoodle cookies are my favorite! I dont care for beans, but my mom does.

  2. All of their products sound really good. I love they do things to help women succeed!

  3. What a delicious! looking box of goodies, I wouldn't mind trying their products out.