Monday, November 25, 2019

Best Planner Ever For That Busy Friend

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Are you planning on making 2020 a great year? I suggest getting a head start with Best Planner Ever. I have recently had the opportunity to review this planner and I am already writing down goals for the new year.

Best Planner Ever is more than just a planner. Every month the planner contains pages upon pages of extras. There is a place to reflect on the month that has just passed and other pages to set goals. There are pages throughout the planner to encourage you to look forward.

Inside Best Planner EverThe Best Planner Ever you will find positive thinking quotes along with the basics such as a calendar and places to write weekly lists. There is a place to help keep track of your health. Let's face it if we don't take care of ourselves first it is quite hard to achieve other goals.

This planner will accommodate both working and personal tasks. The planner is printed on high-quality paper stock with a durable cover. There are vision pages for constant reminders of your goals. To help you stay on track there is a priority to-do list.

The Best Planner Ever is a bit larger than most planners. I love that it is bigger. It is still quite easy to carry in a handbag. I mostly keep it at my desk at home or next to my bed. I am looking forward to keeping the goals I set for myself and being more organized in 2020. The Best Planner Ever is of high quality and affordable. I love that it is great for brainstorming, thinking ahead and being organized. I like the vision pages, this is where I create my ideal life. Then I map it out on the goals pages. This planner would be great to get as a gift for a loved one or friend as well as yourself. This is the time of year when people ate thinking about planners for the new year.

Jennifer Dawn is the creator of this fabulous planner. She is a wife, mother of three and a successful business coach. She has mentored thousands of business owners and professionals on how to "keep track of it all". Jennifer has taken two businesses into the millions and she is working on her third now. She is doing things differently this time around. She has learned over the years that hard work and focus can certainly achieve results, however stress-free productivity delivers a much bigger bang for your "effort" buck.

Jennifer wanted to create something simple for herself and her clients that could help tame the chaos of the day but also help achieve goals with less effort. This is how The Best Planner Ever was born. It is a calendar planner scheduler but its also a mindset tool that will help you set up success each day. She has combined proven time management strategies with the powerful law of attraction practices to create a daily planner that does more.

The key to getting the most out of The Best Planner Ever is not to complete every line instead take the time to really think of where you want to be. Say no to anything that does not move you forward. Say yes to self-care, gratitude and enjoy the ride!

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  1. I love planners. Yes, I'm on of those people, lol. I like lists, crossing off done things, writing in planners, etc.

  2. It always nice to have good planner. Even in our technology age there is time to hand writing.

  3. It's wise to write things down, definitely helps with goal setting, and more.

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  5. I need to get a new planner soon. Makes things so much easier.