Sunday, November 3, 2019

ChapStick Essential Lip Protection and Great Stocking Stuffer

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Fall is here, and in my area winter is actually going to say hello to us soon with a few inches of snow. A lot of people including myself have finally had to turn on the heat. For many of us, winter means our skin and lips are going to be affected more than usual. Lips get chapped, and that dry flakiness isn't a good look or a good feel. It is why I love the brand Chapstick. This brand is really great to use all year for your lip needs, but I really love it in the winter.

We received the 2019 Holiday Chapstick. You get the smell and the taste of the holidays in a chapstick. These are limited editions, don't miss out on the unlimited enjoyment.

The Limited Holiday collection of Chapstick includes six-3 packs of Chapstick. These seasonal flavors include 3-packs of Candy Cane, Pumpkin Pie, Holiday Cocoa, Holiday Cinnamon, Caramel Creme, and Sugar Cookie. These come in the cutest holiday packaging. They are packaged in what appears to be ornaments, a Christmas tree, and a snowflake.

Chapstick is good to use in everyday lip care. These chapsticks keep your lips moisturized and soft. I have always loved the Chapstick brand because there is no greasy feeling or residue left on my lips. The flavors always taste like they should and keep my lips feeling great. Chapstick forms a barrier to prevent moisture loss and protects lips from drying effects like wind and cold weather.

These are a great idea for the coming holidays. Put Chapstick in stockings or tie to a ribbon on the top of a gift. You can not go wrong gifting Chapstick for Christmas. I am living for the Sugar Cookie Chapstick right now.

If you are interested in Chapstick you can find it at Target and Walmart. If you are looking online for Chapstick you can order it from Amazon and have it shipped directly to you. The link is below to make it easy.

You can PURCHASE ChapStick on Amazon and all major retailers.

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  1. I trust Chapstick brand over all others that are out there. This would make an excellent stocking stuffer

  2. These would be really cute stocking stuffers, or to be used on top of a gift.

  3. Chapstick is great for the cold winter months

  4. I love my Chapstick, I use them all year round, take them to the campsite, pass them out at Christmas time. These are great not only for your lips, but when I get a scratch or cut, I put some on.

  5. I love Chapstick and am rarely ever without it. They do make great stocking stuffers and I love all of the festive packages they come in around the holidays.