Sunday, November 17, 2019

For Your Adventurous Child Air Warriors Mutator by Buzz Bee Toys

we received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

As parents, it has become our job to find our kids activities to do that involves going outside. Kids and teens need to spend less time in front of the internet and gaming systems. Buzz Bee Toys have provided innovative fun products to get kids outside. Even my husband was excited to get out there and give this huge blaster a go.

We had the opportunity to review Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors The Mutator. This is an ultimate dart blaster, perfect for any situation. The Mutator Blaster can transform from a quick assault to a sniper, it is made with a removable shoulder stock and an extendable barrel. It is so easy to use just load and blast darts up to 22 meters. There are no batteries required to use this blaster. This blaster has power and excellent performance.

My family has had a great time using the Mutator. Yes! We have all gotten in on the fun. When using this dart blaster you can choose what type of dart you would like to use. There are 10 long-distance darts and 10 precision that are included with the blaster. It all depends on what type of battle you're in. With this dart gun, you are prepared for any and every challenge.

This dart blaster was made using high-quality materials. It is going to last through a ton of battles. My kids who are on the older side are very impressed with this dart blaster. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get the kids up and running around outdoors. I would suggest parents take a look at Buzz Bee Toys.

Buzz Bee Toys provide an ultimate play experience with every toy they have made. Buzz Bee was founded in 2002 with six items. They now are able to boast that they have an extensive line of dart and water blasters that extend to water toys, flying toys, pogo, and junior sports.

Buzz Bee Toys are passionate about their portfolio of brands and they are delighted to offer them to folks all over the world. The Water Warriors, RuffStuff and Air Warriors are products that will deliver a great performance and hours of play for kids of all ages. Season after season, they provide an ultimate play experience with each toy they make.

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  1. Great weapon against all types of zombies, werewolves and all types of villains. I have good squad which will use this Mutator in great battles. :)

  2. My kids have few Nerfs and they like to play with them. But I'm sure they also will love something new, like this Air Warriors Mutator.

  3. This sounds like something my grandboys would love to use and play, Sounds pretty powerful.

  4. If only I can back in my childhood and have such a great weapon! Good for me I can give it to my kids and we can play together!