Sunday, November 17, 2019

Gift Simply Earth's Monthly Essential Oil Recipe Box This Holiday

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I'm excited I was given the opportunity to review Simply Earth's November Essential Oil Recipe Box. I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to essential oils. I'm on my way to having a more natural home.

Each Simply Earth subscription box will feature a small photo of the person who put together your box. Inside the nicely packaged box I received was information cards with 6 recipes, 4 Essential Oils, a sheet of stickers, a storage bag, powdered whole milk, dried lavender flowers. The essential oils in the box this month are Lime, Tranquility, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon. These essential oils smell amazing. This box is themed around Bath and Body, giving yourself that spa treatment. That is definitely something I can be down with.

Let me just explain to you how completely amazing these Simply Earth essential oils are. They are toxin and chemical-free. It is all about being 100% natural. The Lime essential oil is a citrus oil. It is sweet-smelling like candy. The Leaf Cinnamon essential oil is stimulating, warming and energizing. This will help improve circulation, for some, it helps regulate their blood sugar. The Tranquility essential oil is a calming blend that helps with anxiety. It contains lemon, Patchouli, Orange, Amyris and Yiang Yiang pure essential oils. This box is all about relaxing in the tub after a very long day.

Since I'm a beginner I really like that they send recipes. The recipes tell you how long it will take to whip up the recipe. I'm so excited about the Eucalyptus Shower Steamers. These are like a bath bomb but they are for the shower. There is also a recipe for a Lavender Buds and Tranquility Milk Bath. Simply Earth offers bottles, roll-on bottles and other packaging items you would need for your recipes. With every box, your going to get information on how to use your essential oils. That makes it nice not to have to run all over Google trying to figure out how to use them.

I also want to say Simply Earth is quite affordable compared to other brands. I was actually stunned to see the affordable cost for high-quality essential oils. The recipes are easy and understandable. In no time you will feel like you are getting spa treatment from this subscription box. Next month the box is themed around giving handmade gifts. It sounds like an exciting box.

Simply Earth has an amazing Facebook group exclusively for Simply Earth recipe box subscribers. In this group, subscribers can ask questions, share their favorite recipes and give each other tips and tricks for making the most of their monthly box. Another awesome deal at Simply Earth is refer one friend and get a free box.

Every box from Simply Earth is designed around a new theme. It will include all the essential oils and toxin-free ingredients needed for 6 recipes. These are Aromatherapist-Certified recipes. Each box will contain 4 full-sized therapeutic grade, pure essential oils. All the supplies needed for the recipes to create 6 natural body, home and wellness products. All the items are natural and non-toxic. The starter box is $39 with a free big bonus box for beginning your subscription. Subscribers to Simply Earth will receive exclusive access to members-only discounts and sales.

Each month Simply Earth partners with a different organization that is doing amazing things to end modern-day slavery. This month when you subscribe you will be giving 13% to the Daughter Project. This is a modern-day abolitionist group rescuing women from human trafficking. Since 2009, the Daughter Project has directly helped 50 women and children plus countless more through their educational and speaking programs. By purchasing Simply Earth you have made a difference. This is definitely amazing.

Simply Earth is a great deal. It is affordable compared to other brands. The oils are of high quality and just amazing. This is a wonderful idea for the holiday season. Gift yourself or a loved one.

Simply Earth is meticulous about their process. Each bottle is slightly different because they preserve unique qualities. They are so confident about the abilities of their oils they offer a 365-day satisfaction guarantee.

Every idea begins with a problem. Simply Earth began with Katie's stinky feet. The only solutions they could find where chemical-laden products. They did research and found a blend of oils that would naturally eliminate the odor. When sourcing quality and pure oils in bulk they found they didn't have to be so expensive. They were tired of overpaying for essential oils and having to go to parties to actually buy them they were frustrated by using metro products that didn't always work. When they asked around they learned a lot of other women were upset about the situation too. They decided to do something about it they started Simply Earth to help make your home natural.

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  1. Personally I use aroma sticks for time to time to make relaxing mood after hard day. But I guess those sticks not always chemical free. Thanks for review, now I want to try this oils with diffuser.

  2. I am a beginner with the essential oils, too.

  3. I did comment on this post, I am a beginner when it comes to oils.

  4. These essential oils sound wonderful! I love using essential oils, i'm not an expert but I do enjoy them.

  5. I'm confused with essential oils, what is safe for pets and what isn't.

  6. I'm not a pro when it comes to essential oils but I'm somewhat familiar with them. I received one of these boxes once and I loved it! I like that the company gives back.