Monday, November 25, 2019

Gift Them Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama from ZURU

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We have recently reviewed Pets Alive Boppi The Booty Shakin Llama, a battery-powered robotic from Zuru. This is adorable!

My granddaughter loves to dance. Boppi, the Booti Shakin Llama had her dancing and giggling in no time at all. Boppi dances spins and shakes her booty to three different songs. The robotic body makes both head and booty shakin motions.

Boppi, the Booti Shakin Llama is super cute and looks realist with big beautiful eyes. The colors of the Llama along with the puff hair on top of its head lends to the adorable Boppi. Boppi the Llama does require batteries. This little Llama will have you and your family laughing. Your small ones, like mine, will get hours of enjoyment out of Boppi. Boppi will be spinning and bopping to three great songs while the kids dance with her.

Inside the box is one Boppi the Llama and an instructional manual. It is not hard to start up Boppi. This is a high-quality toy. It is safe and non-toxic. If your looking for a toy that keeps your children moving, dancing and laughing then Boppi is your Llama. Boppi would make a great gift idea.

Zuru is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative toys and consumer products. Inspired by kids and imaginative play Zuru is one of the fastest-growing toy companies in the world and is known for its agility creativity and New Age manufacturing techniques. Zuru has a strong commitment to community, they support Captivating International, local China orphanages and also student development programs in Asia and in New Zealand. Zuru will continue to pave new ways for kids to play and focuses on reimagining what this looks like every day.

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Boppi, the Booti Shakin Llama


  1. Mu granddaughters would love this.

  2. Oh sweet Jesus! This is most cutest llama I've ever see. My girls will love it so much!