Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gift Them the Ultra Light-Up Ice Hoop from Kess

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I had the opportunity to review the Ultra Light-Up Ice Hoop from Kess. Hula hooping is a classic fun time for children. The Ultra Light-Up Ice Hoop makes hula hooping an easy, more exciting time. It lights up! Anything that lights up is exciting to children. This hula hoop is the number one selling hoop in the world.

I remember growing up, we girls always got new hula hoops in the Spring. I was never that good at hula hooping. It would hit the ground faster than it started spinning. My granddaughter also has problems getting it to stay up for long. This is where the Ultra Light-Up Ice Hoop from Kess helps.
The Ultra Light-Up Ice Hoop Ultra Light Ice Hoop is crafted in a proprietary shape, designed to enhance tricks and allow for a longer-lasting playtime. It makes hula hooping so much more fun and enjoyable when it kids can keep it going around longer.

The Ice hoop from Kess has patented Film and V-Grip technology. This allows for hooping with ease, durability, and control. The unique shape makes doing tricks much easier. There is no other hoop on the market with this kind of style and performance.

My granddaughter and her cousins are loving the Ice hoop. The colors are beautiful. They like them, they say much better than their old hula hoops. Another great aspect of the Ice Hula Hoops is they cost less than other hula hoops out there but are made much better. They are having a really fun time improving their hooping skills.

Kess is a third-generation toy and game company focused on reinventing fun. #TeamKess is a market leader in the outdoor play category with award-winning items like the Drop Dots Ball. They are a fresh spin on classic toys.

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  1. I spend many hours with hula hoop in my childhood. My own kids will love this Ice Hoop without doubt!

  2. Looks like a fun version of the hula hoop. My sister won a hula hoop contest once.

  3. I wasn't much of a hula hooper when I was young, I never had one. But this looks fun, my girls would have loved it when they were little.

  4. SI might get 3, 1 for me and 2 for my granddaughters.

  5. Yes, the hoops are a fun thing to do.

  6. I also loved using a hula hoop when I was young. My granddaughter loves to hula hoop and would enjoy playing with this one

  7. This looks like a fun twist on hula hoops!