Thursday, November 7, 2019

Janiebee Quilted Nap Mat is a Cute and Comfortable Choice

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

I have spoken a few times about my granddaughter getting ready for school. There was a delay but she will be attending in January. I'm aware that they do nap times at school, I wanted Brandi Lynn to have something of her own so that she is more comfortable. Due to some of the difficulties she faces, I find it extremely important to make sure that I make her school days as comfortable as possible. I was excited when Janiebee allowed us to review one of their girls Quilted Nap Mats.

These Quilted Nap Mats are beautiful and I'm impressed. I found it hard to decide which Brandi Lynn would love. In the end, I chose the Katarina Jewel design for one of her favorite colors, purple. The fabric is a pale gray background with floral shapes in aqua, navy, purple, saltwater, gold and teal. The top and backing are in Vaguarden. The nap mat even comes with her name on it. Not only are there some beautiful nap mats to choose from but JanieBee gives you the option to design your own. The nap mats are generously sized at 21" x 53" long.

The blanket is an embossed Amethyst Dimple Dot blanket and matching pillowcase. The pillow is included. The Minky dot blanket and pillowcase are attached to the mat. The pillow insert is removable and has a velcro closure to keep the pillow secure. The nap mat rolls up and ties securely with fabric ties. There is also a shoulder strap to make travel with the nap mat easier. Janiebee has thought of everything.

I think the size of the nap mat is perfect for Brandi Lynn. She has laid it down to nap on at home. She gets comfortable on it and in no time she is off to sleep. The chemical safe batting inside the bed is 2 inches thick and soft. Even the pillow size seems to be perfect. It has a removable insert that makes washing easier. These nap mats are made in the U.S.A. These nap mats are also lead safe, BPA and phlates free.

These quilted nap mats are comfortable, soft and so adorably designed. I think it is great that they can be personalized. They are high quality handmade and durable. I also like that it is attached that way nothing gets lost along the way. It is machine washable and dryer safe. Brandi Lynn also loves her nap mat. She says she is comfortable with it and loves the design.

The quilted nap mats are perfect for nap times at home, school or daycare. These would also be perfect for traveling and camping. The cost is affordable and the holidays are right around the corner the nap mats would make great gift ideas.

Janiebee was born of love for her family and memories of carefree childhood days growing up in Amory, Mississippi. Janiebee is about family, both past and present. For the ones lost and the ones they still have and hold dear.

I read the back story of how Janibee came to be. It touched my heart. Mom To Grandma thanks Janiebee for the opportunity to review one of their amazing quilted nap mats.

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  1. This is super cute. Looks nice and warm too.

  2. I love these, I think they are so awesome! to have. I don't have one but would love to for my grandchildren who sleep over at my place a lot.I love that they are super soft and easy to stack and put away. If you do a giveaway on one, would love to enter.

  3. This looks so cozy - I may have to get my little sister one.

  4. It's a really cute design, this is perfect for my sister

  5. I remember in Kindegarten our class had nap time on the floor on a blanket. How much better it would have been if we had a comfy mat like this!

  6. This seems like a good quality product. I love all the choices!

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