Sunday, November 17, 2019

Let the Libman Maid Caddy Help You To Be Prepared This Holiday Season

We received a sample for a honest an unbiased review.

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Who loves doing household chores? It's not a favorite past time of many, but it is necessary. Even though I sigh when the dusting or mopping needs to be done again, I love being in a clean healthy environment. Anything that helps make my work easier is approved in my world such as The Libman Products. In fact, I'm one to get giddy with excitement over a new cleaning product. Yes, that is how odd I am.

I had the opportunity to facilitate a review for The Libman Maid Caddy. It was like Christmas morning ladies and gents, there were so many cleaning tools in this maid caddy.

Let's first talk about the maid caddy itself. This is a large lightweight, one-piece caddy. It is designed to hold a wide variety of items. The open design has special compartments for cleaners and cleaning tools. It can hold up to six 32 ounce cleaning bottles, with a unique compartment for a toilet brush. On one end of the caddy, it even has a pour spout creating a mini bucket. This is a durable high-quality solid piece that will not crack or break.

I love that the caddy has space enough to hold everything I need when I'm cleaning. It is convenient that I can just pick it up and take it on to the next room.

Next, I'll tell you about the variety of cleaning tools Libman sent inside the caddy. There were a few brushes. An all-purpose cleaning big scrub brush large enough to scrub floors and bathrooms. There was also a tile and grout brush with an ergonomic rubber grip that will not slip when it is wet. It helps get those powerful cleaning jobs done with firm flexible bristles. Personally, I liked this brush, I needed this brush in my life. The brush was specifically designed with an extra narrow head to get into all those tight places and grout jobs. Also in the caddy was the Small Scrub Brush. These brushes were made for those quick and easy cleaning messes. It also has an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable when using and allows you to have control. These are high-quality durable scrub brushes. They have a hanger hole if you would rather hang them up. I've had many scrub brushes in my time and these are affordable and are of great quality. Along with these brushes I received the Designer toilet brush. This would look fabulous in any type of bathroom. It is made with the same great quality and gets the job completed.

To help me with that dusting business, they sent me The Big Feather Duster. I also think this is high quality and works well for me. It was made from real ostrich feathers and so convenient for dusting the fans and light fixtures.

The Power Scrub Dots Kitchen and Dish Wipes are something that I buy regularly. So, I was very happy to find them in the caddy. These work great to get out those stubborn stains. They will rinse out clean with no stuck on yucky food particles. Another high-quality item was the Premium Kitchen Microfiber cloths. I use these every day for a variety of cleaning purposes. For those really tough jobs they sent the Copper Power Scrubs. These are something I use frequently as well. They work great on pans removing the grease but leaving no scratches behind.

There were two cleaners in the maid caddy. One is a blue-colored glass and mirror cleaner. The other, my favorite is a citrus-scented all-purpose cleaner. Both of these are wonderful. No overpowering smells, just the right touch of a nice clean smell. The last item I found inside the maid caddy were all-purpose latex gloves. I use these every day. They protect your skin and hands from oils and detergents. Your hands will not feel sweaty the absorbent clock lining wicks away any sweat. These keep your hands comfortable for those hard long and nasty jobs. The best part about these is they are reusable.

Libman products are made with high-quality materials. They are made to attack the hard jobs and last through them. I would recommend a maid caddy for anyone who wanted to make their cleaning life a little easier

Libman has made quality their utmost priority for over 120 years. William Libman started the Libman company in 1896 with one mission to make the finest most durable wire-wound corn brooms. William's sons, grandsons, and great-grandchildren have expanded the mission to include the finest mops, brooms and cleaning tools. Libman wants to bring the world a better way to clean through innovation, design, and quality.

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  1. I didn't know Libman made cleaning solutions, first time reading on this, I do own a few Libman products that I love .

  2. I really like Libman products but I haven't seen the maid caddy before. This would be great to make cleaning from room to room so much easier.

  3. Kitchen helpers never enough! Brushes looks very handy. Hope to find them in my local store.

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