Sunday, November 17, 2019

SQUISHY HUMAN BODY for the Budding Scientist from Smart Lab

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.
Smart Lab gave us the opportunity to review SQUISHY Human Body. This is where children will take the most fascinating tour of the human body. You will remove 21 realistic vital organs, muscles, and bones using the forceps and tweezers that are included. After removing all the body parts you then rebuild it from toes to the skullcap.
SQUISHY Human Body is perfect for children who are 8 years and older fascinated with how their body works. This 3D puzzle is a great anatomy and biology lesson for any kid or even adult. If your homeschooling I recommend looking into Smart Lab.

This includes:

  • 12" clear plastic human body model stand
  • 12 plastic bones and muscles
  • 9 squishy organs
  • Tweezers
  • Forceps
  • Body part organizer mat
  • Instruction sheet and
  • The 24 page illustrated anatomy book

    The STEM anatomy/biology book includes photos of real organs, engaging illustrations and questions about the common body functions with answers. Inside the book, you will follow a slice of pizza as it travels through your body.

    This is like a 3D realistic hands-on kit of the human body. kids will use soft and squishy organs along with plastic bones to rebuild this human body. They have a lot of science fun and truthfully sometimes gross time learning how the vital organs work together. Kids explore the complex inner workings of the human body and see literally how it all works together. Lucille Kayes, a research physician, and science teacher explains how nine vital organs work together to digest food.

    This may be a learning lesson, but we all know that Science becomes an incredible journey. Kids are going to love this. My own kids like doing things like this and learn. They question things like how does a bite of food turn into a muscle or how does water travel through your system. I love finding things that are affordable and fun but also have a lesson for the kids integrated.

    The holidays are on their way. I think a little tour of the human body would be a perfect gift. Smart Labs Toys are always high quality and safe for children. They are affordable and tons of fun!

    SmartLab Toys has been one of the leading designers of educational toys for children ages six through fourteen since 2004. They believe children learn best through hands-on exploration and discovery. That's why they embrace the STEAM approach by producing innovative toys that provide experiences and experiments in chemistry, measurement, engineering, electronics, and physics. Smart Lab toys allow children to add their individual insights, problem-solving skills, divergent thinking, and perseverance to their play as they learn and practice real-world skills and concepts.

    You can PURCHASE SQUISHY HUMAN BODY HERE and other Smart Lab Toys HERE

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    1. My granddaughter is fascinated with science and would really enjoy this book. The squishy organs make it a little more interesting!