Thursday, November 28, 2019

Whiskware 3-1 Egg Mixer for Cooks and Soon to Be Cooks

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Having breakfast for dinner is the best, isn't it? This following review has me thinking about omelets, french toast, maybe some bacon. Yummy!

I was given the opportunity to review The 3-In-1 Egg Mixer with the Blender Ball wire whisk from Whiskware by Blender Bottle. This may very well be my new favorite kitchen tool.

This is an all in one product for preparing just about any egg dish. The Whiskware Egg Mixer features a built-in egg cracker, a removable egg separator with the BlenderBall wire whisk.

I promise after using this product you will not pick up a fork to whip your eggs again. The Stainless steel BlenderBall whips air into your mixture as it gets shaken. It will mix up to eight eggs at a time. It also has a built-in egg cracker. It has this unique design that will crack the shell without breaking the yolk. It will keep anything that drips inside the cup. This is perfect for separating the whites from the yolk.

This all in one Egg Mixer is durable and high quality. It is a great affordable tool to add to your kitchen collection. The cup is a nice size at 2.5 capacity. You can make the entire family a meal using this. It is perfect for scrambled eggs, omelets, french toast mixtures, and many more delicious recipes.

If you decide to grab one of these remember the holidays are coming. This product would be a great gift for anyone who has to cook. Like I said this is high quality it is going to last a very long time. It is easy to use just crack, shake and pour. It is just as easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe. This product is going to keep your counters a whole lot cleaner. It has been made with BPA Free materials.

Whiskware products are designed to make cooking life a lot easier, faster and healthier. Using these products will have you spending less time preparing food and more time enjoying food.

BlenderBall was founded in 2000. It is a privately held manufacturer of premium and innovative products that help simplify everyday life.

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  1. That does look pretty handy. And, yep, I like breakfast for supper, too, lol.

  2. This looks like a awesome tool for my kitchen my wrist don't work great so I make a mess trying to wisk eaggs but shaking them seems like a great idea for a person with a handcap.

  3. This is a really handy tool. I enjoy "brinner" some times.

  4. I want to try this! I think my daughters would love it, too! What a great idea.

  5. It sounds very useful. I would love to try one.

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  7. Yes breakfast for dinner is great! This looks like such a fun tool that looks great for young and old alike.