Wednesday, November 20, 2019

ZURU's Smashers Epic Dino Egg Is Likely on Their List This Year

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Recently, I have been given the opportunity to review Smashers Dino Epic Smash Egg Series three, from ZURU. These are great fun for kids, especially kids who benefit from sensory play. Children literally are able to smash the eggs open. There are over 25 surprises hiding inside this egg.

I think if there is an opportunity for kids to smash something here and there, they are totally there for it. They love that sort of thing, it doesn’t happen often. So first things first. This Smashers egg from ZURU is huge. I was wowed by the size of the Dino egg with the bone sticking out of it. This large egg has Smashers written all over the cover with a photo of a dinosaur. Tear that away and smash that egg.

It was easy enough to smash the egg. It’s also a controlled breakage. That way the egg can be put back together for more smashing fun. Upon opening up the egg the kids are going to find the yolk of the egg. This contains a Smashers Scratch Map with instructions for building the Smash-o-saur. 25 toys in total are inside this egg. Some of the toys are hiding dinosaur bones that will be used to build the Smash-o-saur. There is one out of three exclusive Smash-o-saur Dino’s to build within each of the Smashers Epic Dino EggsClues, Fizz, Ooze, Sand, Dirt, Collection, .

The Smashers Scratch Map will be used to scratch off clues to reveal the Dino bones. These are hidden inside larger toys such as Fizz, Ooze, Sand, Ice, and Dirt. Keep track of the collection using the Smashers guide that is contained in the pack or the Smashers app can also be downloaded.

The Smashers Epic Dino Egg has the kids busy for hours. It contains all the best types of fun, including the smashing and surprise element. It is recommended for children who are 5 years old and above. The sensory play is great. My granddaughter has sensory problems so she especially loved that this got messy.

These would make affordable exciting gifts for the coming holidays. With over 25 toys inside your kids will be like mine hardly able to control their excitement until they smash the Dino egg. Everything about the egg is completely safe and non-toxic for children.

Zuru is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative toys and consumer products. They are known for their agility, creativity, and ability to deliver unbeatable value to their customers. Zuru is changing the industry through new-age manufacturing techniques and invests heavily in automation design and development.

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