Thursday, December 26, 2019

$25. Wal-Mart Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to Mom To Grandma's Blog we are happy you are here! After so many holiday giveaways here is a mid holiday giveaway just for fun oh, and a gift card... Now that the holidays have passed, I'm sure you've got bills to pay. After all the gifts, parties, places we went, and things we did, it's almost guaranteed. walmart gift card giveaway Never fear! I'm here to help ya out a little. We're giving away a $25 Walmart gift card. Woohoo!
Put it towards something you wanted but didn't get. Put it toward groceries. Heck, put it away and save it for a rainy day - it's ALLLLLL GOOD! Ready to enter?  Do so in the Rafflecopter widget below.  And this giveaway is open anywhere I can send you an e-giftcard. Because I'm cool like that. Void where prohibited, though....womp womp.   a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. You are so right about the expenses of the holiday. I would use this toward a birthday gift for one of my grandchildren. They both have birthdays in February. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. God Bless

  2. Thanks for this chance to win!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to win