Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Gift Them a Rainbow Fluffie This Holiday

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.
It is December folks, Christmas is only a few weeks away. I know, I know. Don’t throw tomatoes at the messenger. I wanted to share with you the following review from Jay at Play because I think it is such a cute idea for gifting youngsters this holiday season.

We had an opportunity to review Rainbow Fluffies from Jay at Play. These are the most adorable plush toys. This is an animal stuffed with a rainbow or it’s a rainbow stuffed with an animal.

The Rainbow Fluffies are recommended for children three years old and above. They come in two sizes regular and jumbo. There are nine different cuddly Rainbow Fluffies available.

These beautiful plush Rainbow Fluffies are made with high-quality material. It’s an allergen-free plush that is safe for little ones to play with. These are really ideal for children of all ages.

Our little girl loves unicorns and rainbows. She is over the moon in love with this plush toy. It’s her new best friend. She cuddles it while watching t.v. and sleeps with it at night. The Rainbow Fluffies make a wonderful sleeping companion for kids. Plush toys provide many benefits for youngsters. They are soft and cuddly, this provides little ones with comfort. Cuddly toys encourage kids to use their imaginations and play creatively. They also encourage emotions such as affection and bonding.

This is the perfect gift for kids at an inexpensive cost. Even older children, I believe would love this adorable Rainbow Fluffie Unicorn. The other eight Rainbow Fluffies include a turtle, panda, tiger, pink kitty, blue puppy, ladybug, dragon and elephant. They are all bright, colorful and extremely adorable.

Jay@Play prides themselves in creating toys that engage and enlighten the children who enjoy them in more than 75 countries around the world. Their brands, products, advertising and marketing philosophy are all centered around consumer engagement to drive their sales and engagement at every touch point.

Jay@Play is the innovation category leader in plush, dolls, youth Electronics, collectibles, activities and crafts. They consistently create trend-setting toy products that sell and have longevity. Year after year they create buzz-worthy products that have line extension success in outstanding brand quality.

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  1. THis would be a cute toy for a younger or older child. It is very cute!

  2. Nice and colour gifts that ensure they will enjoy it for years to come. I like this idea.

  3. It is over the top! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks nice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is really cute. Great gift idea!