Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Spoil the Cook in Your Life with an Adamant Comfort Fry Pan from Fissler

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The truth about good pans, they're few and far between. There are many that say that their pans are the absolute best, but its usually just not so. Then, like myself, you will somehow come across Fissler, where their pans really live up to the hype. Are you surprised? I was too.

The Adamant Fry Pan from Fissler stands out from the rest for its unusually tough nonstick sealing, with silicon carbide particles that make the surface hard like stone. This is a premium, non-stick fry pan that offers superior resilience, allowing for the carefree use of metal spoons and spatulas. I can not count the number of pans I have ruined in only a few months because of using a metal spatula. With the Adamant Fry Pan, it doesn't matter if you forget to grab the rubber spatula. This is one tough pan. It is most definitely one of our favorite pans to use.

I really can not brag enough about this fry pan. Your food cooks evenly throughout. It allows you to cook bigger portions. No matter how many times a metal spatula hits the bottom of this pan, you are not going to find any scratches.

This fry pan has a safety handle with hook-in function for practical use of a premium glass lid or the clippix splatter shield. It is ideal for heat absorption, distribution, and retention. The Adamant fry pan was made in Germany and has a five-year guarantee.

This pan helps to make life a little easier. Cook up some chicken and see the big difference between this pan and a regular brand. The chicken cooks through evenly and comes out tasting amazing. This pan is also beyond easy to clean. No one's going to complain about having to wash this pan.

This is a high-quality pan that will last a long time. It is the perfect gift for the cook in your family for this holiday season.

Fissler's world consists of much more than just a portfolio of premium products. To live up to its own quality standards they set their selves very high standards with regard to information and services. This means real added value for the benefit of the public and customers alike. Their open and transparent communication makes sure there is always a competent contact available to take your questions and wishes.

Fissler is a 6th generation family-owned company and internationally known for producing premium cookware that is made in Germany. They are one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware. To them, this is both an obligation and a motivation, whether it is developing new products or driving innovation forward, they are always striving to achieve one goal, to make cooking a fun and fulfilling experience by creating the best possible products. Through close attention to detail, from the careful selection of raw materials to the constant monitoring of the manufacturing process, they are able to ensure the highest standard of quality for every product carrying the name Fissler.

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  1. a family owned company usually makes better quality stuff

  2. The ultimate fry pan has eluded me as well. I have ultimately been so disappointed by every fry pan I've ever had...could this be the solution? I'll look into it since you recommend it so highly.

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