Friday, December 20, 2019

Tips for Healthier Holidays with Purell

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Can you believe that another year is almost over? The Holiday Season has begun. As busy as I always feel at this time of year, I truly love being surrounded by friends and family celebrating another year. There are a few things to keep in mind during the festivities. This is a ripe time of the year for noses to be running and coughs to be brewing. We always turn to Purell to combat germs.

Purell is always on my list of must-haves for these events. Here is a great list of tips to help families have a healthier holiday.

You should be washing your hands frequently before, during and after you prepare food. This keeps germs and bacteria from spreading through your kitchen.

Surfaces in your home that are touched frequently should be disinfected before the party and after... Places such as door knobs, railings, light switches among other areas that carry germs that can make your family and your guests sick.

Place hand sanitizers at key locations. More than 80% of illnesses are spread by hands, so its better to have Sanitizer accessible especially in areas where the food is being served. Make sure the sanitizer has 60% alcohol to help stop the spread of germs among your guests.

According to the National Sanitation Foundation areas where food is prepared contain more bacteria and fecal contamination than any other area in your home. Meticulously clean your kitchens. Disinfect the counter tops and kitchen sinks before and after cooking. Use separate cutting boards for things like raw meats.

Make sure to clean and restock the bathroom with tissues and toilet paper. Place a new bottle of liquid hand soap on the sink. Disinfect the counter tops, sink, and toilet. Last but not least make sure to put out some fresh towels for your guests.

Who really has time during the holidays to be sick? With proper hygiene and surfaces disinfected you can keep your guests healthy and no one has to miss a moment of the season.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy healthier holiday!

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  1. I really like their products. And they are very affordable.

  2. We have Purell all over the house it is our go to brand of sanitizer.

  3. Remember to wash you hands before you use the purell. Hand sanitizer keeps YOU from spreading germs.

  4. I always like carrying some hand sanitizer in my purse and purell is my favorite to use

  5. We use this all the time. I have some in the car for when we come out of a store.

  6. We've be using Purell products for a long time.

  7. I use Purell hand soaps. They have some nice scents and it works.