Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Try Making a Warm Breakfast with the Pancake Art Kit by WhiskWare on Cold Winter Mornings

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

we love having pancakes on the weekends. It's a messy time, not always my favorite breakfast because of the mess if I had to be honest. That is until we received The Pancake Art Kit from Whiskware.

We had the opportunity to receive The Pancake Art Kit from Whiskware. This kit has upgraded our pancake breakfast on the weekends. It has given it an element of fun and the kids love it. You do not need any great art skills to make these one of a kind pancakes.

Whiskware has taken care of everything you need to create these adorable pancakes. This kit makes creating the pancakes fun, fast and easy. They have you covered with the Pancake Art Kit that includes individual pancake shapers, the Whiskware Batter Mixer and a smaller bottle used for intricate fine detailing. The batter mixer is designed to mix, dispense and store batter. This kit is really awesome, it eliminates the mess. No more dirty bowls and utensils.

The Pancake Art Kit is so easy to use. You measure the ingredients directly into the mixer bottle. The BlenderBall that comes with the mix shakers easily blends and mixes the pancake mix as it is shaken. It comes with a cover, just in case you don't use all the pancake mix for one breakfast you can store it in the fridge. This also cleans up easily. Just use soapy water, shake and rinse. The top doubles as a base. There are also clear markings on the side. There is also a smaller bottle that is perfect for creating details and fine lines on the pancake. You can use this bottle to create color on your pancake for outlining, eyes and a button or two.

This art kit for making pancakes adds a creative kind of fun to our weekend pancake mornings. The pancake mix shakers make it really easy to fill the molds. We were even given the opportunity to review the Unicorn Pancake Shaper to go along with the Pancake Art Kit. This unicorn pancake is so cute. The pancake shapers are super easy to use and clean. It is safe to put them in the dishwasher. To make the pancakes just place the silicone shapers on a greased pan or griddle, because they are silicone they are heat resistant and will not burn. Fill them with batter and wait for them to bubble. Using the little handles/tabs you can easily lift them away from the pancake and flip them over. The silicone shapers are non-toxic and BPA Free.

These products are durable and high quality. My kids have a great time helping me make pancakes. My little girl has to have a unicorn pancake every weekend. This is available online and is affordable. In fact, this is a great gift idea for the coming holidays.

Whiskware brand products are designed and manufactured by the BlenderBottle Company - the world leader in portable mixing. They are most known for their health and fitness products and the classic, iconic Blender Bottle.

Leveraging their patented technologies and a passion for innovation, the Blender Bottle Company set out to launch an entirely new brand focused on improving life in the kitchen. After years of research, development and consumer testing Whiskware and its three flagship products were born.

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  4. I love their products. I have a blender bottle and use it daily. This Pancake Art Kit looks like a fun way to get kids in the kitchen!

  5. Sounds like a whole lot of fun with shaping those flip jacks in the morning! I think this would be a wonderful idea.

  6. These are such a great idea to make cute pancakes. This is something I think my grandchildren would really enjoy.