Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Axol and Friends an Awesome Valentine's Gift for the Children

We received a sample in exchange for an honest an unbiased review.

For Valentine's Day, this year get the little ones you love a gift that goes the distance of helping to make a difference. What better gift for a youngster than one that helps teach them to be compassionate. Axol and Friends are cute plushes that do double duty.

We had the opportunity to review an eco-friendly plush from Axol and Friends. This is going to be gifted to my granddaughter, who is passionate about all the life around her. The plush destined to become her new best friend is Valentine's Pink Axol the Axoloti. This is an adorable little pink salamander holding a metal tin pink heart, perfect for tucking a few favorite small treats inside.

Axol and Friends is a movement to empower youth to be environmentalists and activists. They fight for environmental conservation, sustainability, human rights, animal rights, and social justice.

Their story begins with the cute pink salamander Axol the Axoloti who is struggling to survive due to urbanization. Axol the Axoloti, in the book series that aims to teach children the important lessons of human and animal rights, environmental conservation and kindness towards all things on this planet.

Also part of this story is Java the Pangolin. The Pangolins are native to regions of Africa and Asia. They are unfortunately the world's most trafficked animals. They continue to work to combat animal trafficking as well as human trafficking in Thailand.

Axol and Friends pay their producers a solid high rate to create plush toys made with eco-friendly materials oh, and to package them in recycled cardboard boxes. They only use natural dyes in all of the toys. A portion of every sale is donated to one of their nonprofit partnerships. They currently have two partners in Mexico and another in Thailand.

This is such an adorable gift for children. You show them your love by also showing them that it is important to love the world around us. These are affordable and eco-friendly, perfect for Valentine's Day.

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  1. These are really so cute. What a great idea for a Valentine's Day gift for a child!

  2. How cute. This would be a nice gift for a kid, or an adult who really loves animals, for that matter.

  3. Axol and Friends plushies are so adorable. It's awesome that they help kids learn about important world issues too!

  4. This would make such a wonderful gift for any child! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the idea of being able to tuck things into a little heart. Thanks for posting!

  6. This is so cute, I hope it is still popular/around next February!

  7. This is so cute, thanks for sharing with us.