Friday, February 7, 2020

Bo Book Series Will Make a Great Valentines Gift

We had the opportunity to review a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Brandi Lynn just turned five years old. We have always read to her. It is time to turn it up a notch, we want her to start recognizing small words and be able to read them. Learning to read can be difficult. We don't want it to be so hard that her having to struggle takes the enjoyment of reading away from her.

We came across the Bo series authored by Larry Baum, illustrated by Joanna Pasek. We had the opportunity to receive Cat Egg, Bo Go Up, and Y. Larry Baum knew that reading could be a challenge and he feels the burden should not be on the kids if we can make it easy for them. He creates credible stories using a few simple words. He likens it to learning a new language, you would first learn the alphabet, then string letters into simple words. Create a story to get familiar with the words and how they are used.

Most children's books are peppered with long words. It is more ideal for children to learn small words first. When Mr. Baum was teaching his own children to read he could only find books with words such as elephant, words that were fine if the adult is reading the story to the child. He decided to challenge himself to writing books using two and three-letter long words. He came across Joanna Pasek whose children's illustrations are beautiful, and they set forth working and eventually producing their book We Go To Bo. Mr. Baum was even challenged to write a book using one letter and he did it.

The Bo Book series, are cute books that we are going to be using over and over until Brandi Lynn reads them to us.

The Y book is about a child in the park with her dad. She asks him questions like why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? He doesn't know, but she opens his eyes to the world. The beautiful illustrations help tell this story.

Bo Go Up is the two-letter book. This story begins with children playing in the park with a ball. They end up with a much larger ball because one of the kid's mom runs a hot air balloon company.

The book Cat Egg is the three-letter word book. One kid has a cat and when her friends play with it, they think it has laid an egg.

All three books are a cute story that holds Brandi Lynn's attention. After she learns the one letter book, she can move onto the two-letter book. This gives children a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to continue reading. These books have a simple vocabulary.

These books are ones I would recommend for any and all children who are learning to read. These are affordable high-quality books. In fact, they are perfect for gifting. They help remove obstacles children might have learning to read.

You can PURCHASE Bo Books via:

Cat Egg
Bo Go Up
We Go To Bo


  1. Kids love being able to read, recognizing words. These books would be great tools for that.

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