Saturday, February 8, 2020

FOMO Cookie Bites a Sweet Allergy Free Valentine Gift

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

What is better than receiving something delicious on Valentine's Day? For that matter, a yummy gift is perfect for any occasion, and if your looking for an allergy-free delicious treat for the one you love look no further. I have a wonderful suggestion. I'd like to introduce FOMO Baking Co.

I had the opportunity to receive a pack of cookie bites from FOMO Baking Co. FOMO is a new brand that makes cookie bites that are dairy-free, gluten-free as well as egg, nut, and soy-free. We put these allergen-free baked goods to the test.

The cookie bites not only arrive in cute packaging, but the box is also a pastel tie-dye. I loved the look before we even taste-tested them. Inside we found that the cookie bites looked like miniature cup cookies.

Among the assortment of cookie bites, there were snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, sugar cookie, brownie flavor, and oatmeal raisin. These cookies were a most pleasant surprise they were soft and extremely tasty. None of us would have been able to notice that the cookie bites were missing anything. The flavor in these allergen-free baked goods is extremely impressive.

These are not only a great choice if you have food allergies they are just as yummy if you don't. The package of cookie bites comes with the name of the cookies in your package and their nutritional information. All the goodies made from FOMO are also made in a bakery with no cross contamination.

FOMO started as a dream between two sisters and became a reality. Lauren and Brittany, two sisters former attorneys, have spent the vast majority of their lives unable to eat desserts because of dietary restrictions. Brittany has celiac disease and Lauren has EOE. These restrictions have caused Lauren and Brittany to spend countless birthdays, holidays and special occasions missing out on delicious desserts that everyone else was always able to enjoy. When they would try to eat desserts that were labeled as "safe" they often got sick because of hidden ingredients or cross-contamination.

The marketplace today is filled with friendly vegan treats or gluten-free treats, but it has very little that was freshly baked, Delicious and safe for both of them to enjoy. Well, companies have been continuing to address a number of the most common allergies many of the desserts are made in shared communal kitchens. The sisters are not able to enjoy these desserts for fear of getting sick because of cross-contamination. They believed that there had to be a fun and delicious dessert that could address all of their allergies. And with that FOMO Baking Co was created.

Lauren and Brittany spent countless hours baking and perfecting their cookie cake. Cookie bite and Brownie Bite recipes to make sure that they were absolutely delicious. They created FOMO Baking Co. to be a safe place where people like them and many others that suffer from allergies and other food intolerances could safely enjoy a delicious and fun dessert. They would no longer have to fear of missing out. They have built a brand new and state-of-the-art allergen-free kitchen from scratch so that everyone who enjoys their products know that they can do so without the fear of reacting.

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  1. These sound really delicious. I absolutely love snickerdoodles cookies. Their oatmeal chocolate chip looks good too!

  2. It's good to hear they taste good. Too often, foods that have to be allergen free suffer in the taste department.

  3. All of these cookie bite flavors sound really delicious! I would especially love to try the brownie and snickerdoodle varieties!

  4. I am happy to see a company making allergy-free treats. My nephew can not eat nuts so I will be checking into these cookies!

  5. These are looking good and tasty love to try them my kids love cookies good that they are
    allergy free

  6. So glad a company is finally making food for people with allergies!

  7. Those would be a perfect present for my friend. She has so many allergies that it's hard for her to find something yummy that she can eat.

  8. I bet FOMO Cookies are so delicious & most definitely healthy! Really would like to try this in the future!

  9. Great energy boost from this wonderful cookie recipe. Haven't baked my own in ages.

  10. I haven't heard of this bakery. They sound great. Thanks for posting!

  11. Yummy and I love that they are bites, easier to control the input!