Thursday, June 11, 2020

One Simple Product Enhanced My Travel Plans

I love to travel, don't you?  Whether it be by plane, train, automobile, traveling is my hobby.  I live close enough to the coast that I can travel to the beach in my car.  I used to be a smoker until I found nicotine pouches.  You cannot smoke on planes or trains or even cruises.  And, if you smoke in your car, it leaves an odor that is almost impossible to remove.  Since I have been using nicotine pouches, I have stopped smoking completely.

Using nicotine pouches has allowed me to quit smoking cigarettes, but I can still enjoy my  flavor and the nicotine in it.  The pouches are pre packed and all you do is put them under your upper lip.  It is very discreet, so nobody know you actually even have it in your mouth.  And, when you trave, it is easier to carry nicotine pouches than cigarettes and a lighter.  Just pop the small pouch in your mouth and go about your day! 

Nicotine pouches normally come in a small round can that easily fits in your pocket.  So, this will not bulk up your luggage or duffle bag with the bulkiness that cigareets do.  And, nothing gets crushed in your luggage or pocket.  The cans are sturdy and have a lid.  Makes travel easy with nicotine pouches.  And no more nasty odor of cigareets in your mode of transportation.

I used to get so many complaints from friends and family when I travelled, because I would want to stop and smoke.  While at my destination, I had to take the time to find somewhere to smoke.  But, with nicotine pouches, all I have to do is open the small can, grab a pouch and pop it in my mouth! This has definitely been a game changer for me.  

My alternative to smoking is nicotine pouches.  It has saved me from wasting so much time I could be enjoying the fun things you do when travelling.