Monday, August 24, 2020

Perfect Wings Educational DVD by Kidz Entertainment Inc

We received a sample in exchange for a review.

Our kids are virtually learning this year. My youngest will be in kindergarten, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I find that its so helpful to come across products that will make this time easier for us.

Perfect Wings is a 3D animated short movie that introduces children to our Aviary friends. This exciting glimpse into the life of a variety of birds is a cute way to introduce children to visually stimulating content that captures coloring, personality, instincts, habits and the behavior of each bird featured in the video.

The video captured the attention of my kids until the "feel-good ending" which captured all these charming fliers in The Tree of Life. The video is bright, colorful and fun while educating the kids about some birds. We loved the ending with all the birds sitting in The Tree of Life, where they are truly free and belong.

This short animation comes with a book, music, and song that can be easily printed out at home. There are cute pages for children to color. A printable book is available providing interesting facts on a variety of species. This will help children with their vocabulary. Each page is beautifully colored and accompanied by song lyrics. It combines learning, music and art. Printable coloring pages that correspond will allow children to use their artistic abilities.

Kidz Entertainment helps to enrich the education process with singing, drawing and music. They even have T-Shirts with washable markers. Their products are carefully structured to give kids a relaxing fun fact experience.

This is perfect for kids in school or home school.

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  1. This looks great for the little ones!

  2. Disregard previous comment please. this video looks really interesting for kids. :)

  3. Educational and fun tools for a range of ages. There are activities for the little ones and the middle aged kids to enjoy.

  4. It is great when educational tools can also be fun!

  5. This looks super cute for little ones!

  6. I think that kids would really like this!

  7. Children would love this, thanks for sharing this with us.