Wednesday, September 23, 2020

3D Diamond Clock Little Learning HandsTeach Science, Art, Math & More

I received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I’m bringing to you another review project from Little Learning Hands. This is a subscription kit  designed for children 6-12 years old. They will learn life skills and see what it would be like traveling the world. This box is tested by experts, tested by kids, and their families.

Children can explore, learn, and build. They will receive hands on activities that will teach them about science, art, math, and more. The kit also helps bring families together bonding over discussions about discovering new countries and their culture.

We received Painting With Diamonds: 3D Diamond Clock from Little Learning Hands. This is the cutest clock that children will enjoy putting on their walls because they basically created it.

The 3D Diamond Clock comes with everything needed to create the clock. Inside the box you will find some easy to follow instructions. The clock mechanism parts along with a tray, pen tool, wax, tray and even diamond crystals.

This is a fun activity. Not only is it a fun decor for their room but it can help them learn time as any other clock. I love the products from Little Learning Hands. They are high quality easy and fun for the kids to put together. The cost is reasonable for the life lessons and the cultural adventures away from screen time.

The creators of Little Learning Hands; Ana and Joe are parents of five wonderful children and full-time working parents. They have struggled with being able to get creative around fun yet educational activities for their kids. They found that in many of their children’s activities life skills were long lost and forgotten. They took it in their own hands to create a kit that helps their children develop important life skills fun and play.

As an international family, they thought the best way to bring lessons to life would be through world exploration. They value the importance of cultures and community in their home and they know there are many families who feel the same. Their cats come from their own desire to bond with their children inside the home well teaching them about the world around them.

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