Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Intelino Smart Toy Train a STEM Gift

We receive a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I think most parents keep an eye out for the newest learning toys. Toys that help with less screen time for the kids. The Intelino Smart Train we received really lives up those expectations. Let me tell you just how cool this STEM toy is. Children will develop coding skills without actually being in front of a screen.

The classic train has been redesigned to give kids of all ages more control over it. This Intelino toy train has built-in smart technology, including optical sensors that track the speed of the train while helping to maintain a consistent speed.

The smart engine has all the electronics built-in. On the top is a power button and the charging LED and battery level LED indicators. There are also red LED lights at the front and blue LED lights on the back. Also on the back is a micro USB charging port. A metal bumper magnetically connects to the other train cars. The train wagon doesn't have any electronics built-in. At the top, there is a directional arrow for connecting to the engine car. On each of the train cars there is a metal bumper and magnetic connector.

The smart train features snap-on plastic tiles in different colors that are placed on and off the tracks. These control the actions of the train such as steering, movement, speed, and more. There are 17 default action snap commands. A dashboard displays the trains' actual speed, the distance traveled, and other real time action alerts.

The instructions that come with the smart train are easy to follow. Kids will be putting the tracks together themselves. It's easy to create a simple track design. After charging the engine car fully with the USB cable, it is ready to go.

There are also instructions for the action snaps which explain what colors and what sequence of colors are used to provide instruction to the train like turning right and left, increasing/decreasing its speed. The sensors under the engine car read the action snaps to know what to do.

After the app has been downloaded kids have the ability to create their own commands for the action snaps. The train can be manually controlled at this point. We haven't made it this far but it sure sounds fun. When you manually control the train it includes going forward and in reverse, coupling and uncoupling the train cars, the horn, controlling lights, and more.

I predict that something like the Intelino Smart Train will add a little more magic to the holidays. The versatility and durability are superb. We love the functionality and the great design. The train is made of high grade materials and 100% safe for children of all ages. They can code and create their very own commands. That's amazing, even adults who are train lovers would be impressed. The app is well designed and not hard to follow. The train also comes with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that delivers 100+ minutes of continuous play. My kids are loving the train.

Intelino delivers STEM learning in familiar ways- with a train. It is intuitive for students and teachers alike. It comes with innovative features that make learning easy and really fun. It will keep kids captivated and eager to learn.

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  1. This train is really cool. And it would absolutely make a great gift!

  2. What a fun toy, thanks for sharing your review.

  3. Always great when you can incorporate learning and fun!

  4. This would be great for my grandson.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation!