Thursday, September 3, 2020

Laser Pegs Bright and Vibrant Construction Bricks

We received a sample to facilitate an honest review.

Laser Pegs are an awesome and fun alternative to the traditional construction toy. These patented light bricks are bright vibrant colors that illuminate its surroundings. From Dinosaurs to race cars the possibilities with these light pegs are really endless.

Children have been playing with blocks for over a hundred years, its a play time that has never gone out of style. Laser Pegs brings a new dimension to creative playing with construction sets. This is the first construction set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current, allowing children to build creations that illuminate in a brightly colored LED light display.

Laser Pegs are simple to use They are recommended for children ages 7 and older. As I mentioned one Laser Peg is connected to the power source it will illuminate another peg connected to it. As children build their design they can watch it light up or they can build their design and then connect it to a power source. Batteries are included with the set.

Our kids have always loved building with their Legos, so I was right when I thought they would love this new twist. The kids can use their imaginations with these Laser Pegs as they also can be used with their Legos. The 4-in-1 Helicopter set we received to review has four different helicopters the kids can build. They can assemble the pusher concept, the Autogyro, the skycrane and a transport chopper. This is a great sensory toy. The pegs are easy for the kids to slide together.They also received a box with 55 extra pegs. The kids and I both like that we can buy just boxes of extra pegs to build their collection for building whatever their little minds come up with. These are an affordable toy that would be great for this coming holiday season as there are so many kids that love their Legos. They are going to come to love these awesome Laser Pegs just as much.

At Laser Pegs, their number one priority is safety. It is important to them that all their products are fun as well as completely safe. Their strict quality assurance standards ensure that all Laser Pegs products are safe to use. They comply with all safety standards from the manufacturing to the time it lands in the hands of the consumer. All of their products go through an extensive screening process to prevent and risk of dangerous parts. They aim to give their consumers a carefree safe experience with all of their products.

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  1. These sound awesome. My kids would love these!

  2. How fun! Almost like lite brite 3D

  3. These look like fun.I like that they are concerned about safety.

  4. My kids are already putting toys on their online wish lists. I tell them to put it up there and Santa will get what he can.I am reading more toy reviews and articles now that we are mostly home, so I will have more of a clue this year.

  5. These look really cool and like a lot of fun. I would like to give these a try myself.

  6. These look really fun, thanks for the review.