Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Little Learning Hands Second World Explorers Kit: China

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

If you are looking to add something extra to your homeschooling or just wanting the kids to have less screen time, I recommend exploring Little Learning Hands. These subscription kits have been put together by professionals and tested by children and their families. Many families have stated how satisfied both the children and their parents were with this kit.

The Little Learning Hands  is a monthly subscription kit for children 6-12, though even parents are enjoying these boxes. Parents are spending time with their children bonding through the fun activities provided in the boxes.

After the introduction kit, the children's following kit is an adventure through China. China is one of the oldest cultures the world has ever known. Our kids are excited about exploring China. My grandson has an interest in learning about the food that is cooked in China. Lucky for him we have a couple of recipes that are made in China. Besides the recipes the kids are going to learn about The Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Soldiers. We'll be discussing together some interesting facts about China and its people.

The World Explorers China kit is another subscription kit jam-packed with goodness. First the children are going to find a Chinese passport sticker. They will put this in their World Explorers passport. After they complete the passport activities for China they will be able to scratch China off their map.

A booklet comes in the subscription kit about China. This gives the kids interesting and fun facts about this country. Not only will this book provide facts about China, there are Table Talk Cards in the kit that the kids can use to challenge each other or family members with fun facts and interesting questions about China that are designed to encourage the family into a discussion.

This kit is an awesome way to spend an evening together with the kids or a Saturday afternoon. There are two recipe cards also in the box. Of course, this is the part where the children are going to need supervision. The recipe cards are step by step instructions for making vegetable fried rice and dessert mango pudding. How delicious does that sound!

The kids are going to be learning to cross stitch with the Panda Stitch, Hang and Frame activity. Cross stitching is a great hobby. A great way to spend a quiet evening at home or a rainy day inside. It's not hard at all, the kit comes with everything that is needed, none of the activities are difficult, although when their finished they will feel accomplished. Something cute they can proudly hang up on their bedroom wall.

There is also a Chinese souvenir flag inside the box to celebrate this little exploration. Do you know what Yaun is? Not to worry, I didn't know either. Within this box you will soon discover that Yaun is money in China.

Also included in the box is a 3D puzzle of The Great Wall Of China. The children will learn about one of the largest, most amazing wonders in the world. The products provided in the box are high quality. Everything fits together nicely to depict the Great Wall of China. My children and grandson love to put puzzles together.

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