Monday, September 21, 2020

Little Learning Hands World Explorers Subscription Kit

We had the opportunity to receive a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received the introduction box from Little Learning Hands. These boxes are a great way to take kids on a one of a kind learning experience around the world. We are having a great time learning from this subscription box.

Little Learning Hands is a monthly subscription box for kids. This box contains about 4 -5 hands-on learning activities. The first box is the intro World Explorers Global Kit. This kit includes a Little Learning Hands Passport, Table Talk Cards, 2 recipe cards, a scratch-off map, a backpack that kids can color on, and a 3D Global puzzle. The kits cost starts at $29.95 a month.

This box was filled with goodies nicely wrapped up in yellow tissue paper. The first thing you may come across is a note to parents. On the backside of the note should be a list of the contents of the box with a description for each item.

Table Talk Cards are included with this box to encourage family conversations. Each card has a question that can be asked of family members to help get the conversation rolling. The cards have fun facts about the theme or topic of the box. The cards all have a hole in the top so that they may be put on a ring to keep them all together.

The World Explorers Passport is included to keep track of the adventures that the kids go on using the subscription boxes. They can add their photo to the passport along with their names and other details. Children can add to these as they go along.

Also inside the box is the World Explorers Backpack. These are specially designed for youngsters. They are large enough to fit all the materials inside the box and securely zips up. The awesome part of this backpack is that children can color it with five markers that are included. The image on the backpack is adorable, depicting the box's elephant mascot, airplanes, hot air balloon, a map, camera, and a globe.

A Global Booklet will help children explore the world further. It provides fun facts and other important information. Not only are the kids learning something new, I did as well. There are approximately 579 million people living in this continent. There are some fun facts about Paris, Turkey, Istanbul, and most kid's favorite place Disneyland. There is also a scratch-off map to help the kids keep track of the places they visit.

The box comes with two Global Recipe cards. Its fun to learn about what people around the world are eating, especially when it is ice cream. The first recipe card was Berry Ice Cream Dessert. Each recipe will have everything you need including the appliances you will need to use to make the recipe. Children will need the help of an adult but the recipes are also very easy. The second recipe was No Knead Bread. This recipe also came with a list of ingredients and appliances that are needed to make this recipe. The great thing about the bread recipe is while making this bread there will be no kneading. Sounds good to me!

One of the most fun experiences found in this box is the 3D Globe puzzle. After punching out all the pieces and beginning to layer them together you will see the form of a globe taking place. This is not like other ordinary puzzles it does not lay flat. It comes with a base that also needs put together and a label.

This Global Subscription box is a great way to keep children busy, having fun and most importantly learning. The cost is reasonable for the amount of fun and learning your child is going to get out of every box. My kids are having a great time experiencing Learning Little Hands. This would even be a great consideration for the coming holidays.

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