Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Jabuka Game for Those Cold Fall Days

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

For my family, the winter season will be a lot like our last. We will be spending most of our time indoors out of the cold. We want to insure we are doing what we can to keep sickness of any type at bay. I imagine a lot of families will probably be doing the same. We want to find some fun games to play together as a family. One of the games we have come across is Jabuka.

Jabuka is a twisting letter word game for 2- 8 players or teams. The recommended age is 8 years and older. This game is quick paced, about 20 minute playing time. The quick thing about Jabuka is that players will use the same tiles or beans to create their words without taking their turns. The coffee beans are actually the tiles.

On each coffee bean is a letter or a combination of letters. The yellow beans can be twisted in different directions to make different letters. The white ones can not be changed. For example, a "u" could be changed into an "n."

Players will pull bean letters from the pot, but if another player has made a word that can be changed into something else then those words can be taken from those players.

Each player or team will draw two of the wild beans. The rest of the letters are spread out in a layer, players will not turn these over yet. The game gets started with the beans that can be read. Players will start calling out words and bringing the beans in front of them together and spelling the words. Players can call out words from each other's that can be remade, but you have to use all of the beans in the original word though, they don't have to be the same letter. Just twist and turn them to make a new letter and then take them. Letters may be added on to these words. When a player has a word in front of them, they aren't allowed to change it. They are allowed to repeat the same word using different beans. Players will continue making words until everyone agrees there are no more words to be made. Each side will turn over two beans and begin another round of making words. Just turn over more beans to begin a new round. When there are no beans left to turn over the player with the most beans is the winner.

Jabuka has an innovative twist. The tiles are coffee shaped beans. The game comes in what looks like a coffee sack. The game is unique, durable and made using high quality material. If you need a word game that can give you a twisted word game surprise many times over, I suggest Jabuka.

This game has its own unique feel but it is also familiar with other word games we have played. My family loves word games and we all thought that the twist on this word game was very cool. A couple of us like that it's pretty fast paced, it isn't long and drawn out. It will hold your interest though and is a game I expect to pull out time and time again this winter.

Established game inventor, artist and designer Martin Russocki recognized an opportunity to create the next great game. Martin's passion for creativity, love of words and face to face play helped him imagine a new game with no set up. One day at Starbuck's with his coffee in hand it all came together for him. He thought of the historical connection between games and coffee.

The mission at Jabuka Games is to encourage face to face fun, creative thinking and the love of language through play.

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  1. This looks so fun and I like it can be larger groups of players, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. This game is new to me but I'd like to pick one up. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Thank you Gladys for the Jabuka Games feature! We hope you and your family enjoy playing! Wishing you a beantastic day!

  4. This game should definitely keep your brain sharp!

  5. I'm bad at word games but this looks like fun. Thanks for posting!