Wednesday, October 28, 2020

LinkFolio is the Must Have Link in Bio Tool for Instagram

This is a sponsored post.

I am a huge fan of Instagram.  I am constantly scrolling, watching stories, IGTV, and Reels.  I love to see what my friends and colleagues are doing.  Being a blogger, Instagram is so very important.  But, as you know links are not clickable unless they are in one place on your bio.  

So, what link do you place there?  I have used the link to my site, but that sometimes poses a problem. What if a brand wants to work with me, after all, I am a business person.  I have recently signed up with LinkFolio, which is a link in bio tool.  If a brand wants to collab with me, they can get all the info they need about my Instagram account.  My most liked photo, what my readers are buying, and so many more demographics to make sure I am a potential candidate for a paid or product opportunity.

In today’s influencer industry, connecting and working with brands is difficult. FamePick is here to change the game! With FamePick’s newest feature, LinkFolio, you will now have the power to upgrade your one link bio. Gone are the days of choosing which link to put in your bio. Now your link is supercharged with LinkFolio to house all of your outbound links and your professional media kit in one place.

So are you ready to upgrade your Instagram game and get more paid opportunities?  I highly recommend swapping out the link in your bio for your LinkFolio link. Signing up is so easy! There are free accounts and paid accounts.  So, you can initially sign up for free and upgrade your account.  I know you will upgrade, I did.  The brands will love it and so will you! 

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you like this new link in bio tool.

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  1. I wondered how blogs did that! Glad its working for you!