Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Grandma Approved Toys

 This is a sponsored post on behalf of SGILE.

Being a Grandma, we get to have all those joys of buying our grandkids the TOYS we WANT them to have.  I know my grandchildren spend a lot of time on computers for schoolwork, on devices playing games, or on game consoles playing video games.  That is a lot of screen time.  

I have been searching and searching for toys that are fun and do not require an internet connection or a screen!  I found quite a few toys on Amazon from SGILE that are a whole lot of fun.  Remote control cars, dinosaurs, robots, and even a robotic dog.  And, the prices are great!  Some even have coupon codes right now, so that is an extra savings. All grandparents can operate these toys and have a fun time with their grandchildren or watch them have fun.  

All grandparents will rejoice when they see that these cool toys are within their thrifty budgets.  That is a win-win for me.  I still get to be the cool Grandma and the grandkids have cool toys, without the addition of any screen time or internet connection.

Check out these Grandma approved toys for hours of fun!

 Remote Control Stunt Car

This remote control stunt car moves in all directions, it can flip, do 360 degree turns, and ide with a very durable plastic that can handle all kinds of collisions.  It comes with its own battery and remote control.  You can choose between a neon green(pictured) and a bright red car.  Your kids will have fun for hours with this.   This is so cool even Grandma will want to play with it. 

Remote Control Racing Car

This is a remote control race car for beginners. It has an easy to use remote controller that even Grandma can operate.  Get all your grandchildren one and they can play together.  That makes for great teamwork skills and who doesn't love a remote control car race?  I know they will have hours of fun playing with this remote control car.  It has fifty minutes of playtime on a fully charged battery.  That will last long enough for Grandma to bake some goodies.

Remote Control Robot

This remote control robot is awesome.  It has programmable motion features that your child can program into the remote.  It also has gesture sensing that makes the robot move back and forth, left and right. It has a petrol function that allows the robot to move freely.  The built-in sensor helps it avoid any collisions.  This robot can even sing and dance.  After a two hour charge, this robot has a play time of about an hour.  I know my grandkids are going to FLIP over this.  

Remote Control Dinosaur

RAWR!  All my grandkids love dinosaurs! This remote control dinosaur has a programmable feature.  Your kids can program this tyrannosaurus!  Let them use their imagination.  It also has eyes that light up and has intelligent touch sensing, it can slide and walk, and has  vivid sound effects.  I think toys like this also give your child hand and eye coordination and let's them make decisions on how they would like to program. 

Robot Dog

This super cute remote control robot dog has many features.   It can walk, bark, and eat, all controlled by the remote control.  You can even program the dog to sing and dance. No need to feed this cutie, just keep it charged up for hours of fun by using a USB charger.

Make sure to check out all of these highly-rated Grandma approved toys.


  1. Remote Control Dinosaur looks really cool. It was my childhood dream) Hope my kids love it to.

  2. These all look like a lot of fun. And I really like knowing that they are safe! Thanks.

  3. I really like those Robots, pretty awesome! and that dog one I'm sure my grandboy would love.

  4. RC cars seem to always be at my boys top of their list.
    remote dino huh.. that sounds fun.

  5. My son wants that rc dog so bad this year

  6. These are some really cool toys, my kids love robots (aka animatronics)! My son has a robot dog similar to this one and he is obsessed! Thanks for sharing.