Friday, November 13, 2020

PENSILLY, The Crazy Shaking Pen Game Great Gift for Children

We had the opportunity to receive a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.
If your looking for some fun games you can play with the kids this winter. I suggest taking a look at the PENSILLY, The Crazy Shaking Pen Game. This is hilarious and will be a game your kids are going to want to play over and over again,

PENSILLY, The Crazy Shaking Pen Game is the craziest drawing game ever! All you need to do is add 3 AAA batteries and the rest of the set up is super easy. To start playing, one player is going to pick a description card and a subject card. They are then going to draw a picture using the Pensilly incorporating both of these words using the washable whiteboard. Here is where it gets silly. The Pensilly wibbles and wobbles back and forth uncontrolled and there is a sand timer. Time is counting down! This makes it a little bit harder for the Pen holder to draw but the spectators are going to get a kick out of these drawings. They wind up being so funny.
The PenSilly has 2 settings. One of the settings is super fast and the other setting is a little slower making it a little easier for smaller hands. There are over 5,500 card combinations that can randomly be chosen. The results wind up being so funny. The first person to reach 10 points will win the game. Each of the cards has a point value at the bottom right. If only one word is guessed, the pen holder keeps that card if both words are guessed they keep both cards.

This is a super fun game that can be enjoyed over and over. It brings the family together for a few laughs and gets everyone off the screens for a bit. This is an affordable fun game that is perfect for the coming holidays.

The PenSilly Box Contains:
  • 1 PenSilly Pen
  • 1 Minute Sand Timer
  • 75 Description Cards
  • 75 Subject Cards
  • 2 Whiteboard drawing Boards
  • 2 Red and Blue Whiteboard Markers

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    1. Thank you, I'd never seen this before.

    2. This would be really fun for our whole family!

    3. THis looks like so much fun! Will for sure be getting it for my 4 yr old twin niece and nephew for their birthday in the summer. (I already overshopped for Christmas, lol)

    4. This looks like a whole lot of fun!

    5. This is the first time I have saw this. My great niece loves games and this would be one she would have won with

    6. Such a fun game! Right in time of all family holidays. :)

    7. looks like loads of fun and lots of laughter

    8. I think my grandson would love this. He loves to draw

    9. That's so cool and amazing idea. And I guess not so easy to write this shaking pen)))

    10. So cute. I want to get one. Maybe.

    11. My son would absolutely love this!!

    12. Looks like such a fun game. And it can be played and enjoyed by all ages.