Thursday, February 11, 2021

Show Your Love with CRIgenetics

We had the opportunity to receive a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

Many times in my life I have wondered about my ancestry. I love history anyways. Have you wondered about what makes up your DNA and where your ancestors came from? You can absolutely find out and have your report back in a matter of a weeks from Crigenetics.

A report from Crigenetics will change the way you see yourself. You are able to receive dual ancestry reports and an advanced ancestry timeline. This advanced timeline will take you back 50+ generations. Can you believe it! You can find out exactly when and where your ancestors are from. How exciting! Your DNA will be matched with 642,824 genetic markers. You will get a full picture of both your mother and your father's lineage.

Crigenetics have combined cutting-edge genetic research with the Anthropological history of the human race. This is what creates the Advanced Ancestry Report. This report is an analysis that dates back thousands of years. It dates well back beyond the last 5 generations. My DNA was compared by the team at CRI to reference populations that have been discovered and genotyped from all over the world.

The results will reflect the oldest ancestries in my family's history. Imagine this, from populations of men and women who existed thousands of years before most current nations, such as Germany or Britain, even existed. The report still contains these names to help you identify which geographic location your genetic makeup arose from.

I think that the things that you will learn about yourself from a report from Crigenetics is just amazing. These reports will tell you if you have the can or can not taste bitter genes. Interesting enough one of your parents could have given you high food cravings or a resistance to insulin.

These reports can help you discover health and vitamin traits. Are you at high risk for hay fever, or is your caffeine level too high? You can get a personalised DNA diet plan. You can also receive an allergy test in the comfort of your own home. Allergies are an important aspect of life. We all should be aware of our allergies to live healthier happier lives.

Criogenetics is super easy to do right in the comfort of home. There is nothing complicated, no needles or such tools for this process. Start your process by ordering a DNA sample collection kit. This will be mailed to you within 3 to 5 days. The kit comes with easy instructions. Once you have collected the DNA you will mail it back in a pre paid envelope. Around 6 to 8 weeks later you will receive an email letting you know that your reports are ready. You will then be able to log into your account and explore your report. You will not leave those reports the same person. This is such an exciting journey. Crigenetics guarantees your reports in 8 weeks.

Crigenetics is life changing. It would make for an awesome gift for the Valentine's or any time. I have a brother in law who was adopted. He has thought about his lineage many times. He is thinking this may be a good starting point to finding out where he came from. I was so excited when they informed me my report was ready.
I knew that our family had ties to England, I was surprised and thrilled to find out that I am 36.4% German. I am such a nerd for history, and it was so interesting to find out about the region I am from. It is an area famous for beer. Beer is a major point of pride in German culture. There are celebrations of beer throughout Germany. The most famous is a 16 day festival, where over 7 million liters of beer get served. Must be my ancestors drank too much because I can't touch the stuff. Ha Ha
German is also the home to one of the most influential groups of people in the history and genetic makeup of Northwestern Europe. I really like that these reports are easy to read and understand. They add all the information you will need to know to understand where you came from and if you should worry about any medicals.

The reports also indicated that I have a normal risk for osteoporosis. My mother had this, so this was interesting and good information to know. Normal risk for osteoporosis means that my bones are less likely to be susceptible to stress and osteoporosis. The process of bone breaking down known as resorption, this is a natural part of aging. The Crigenetic Reports are well worth it. They take a deep dive into your past including finding different causes that could potentially have health effects. Not only is this great for you but it would make an awesome gift.

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