Monday, March 15, 2021

Check out Mona"s Shop NY for Your at Home Spa Days

Recently we were introduced to Mona's Shop NY. Mona's provides unique, customizable bath bombs, bath salts and more!

If you are looking to make your tub time a little more magical, I recommend taking a look at Mona's Shop NY.

She offers a great line of bath bombs including a candy shop box. There are fruity bath bombs along with vanilla. If you want to gift someone with bath bombs, she also has birthday bombs.

There are even bath bombs for children. These are organic and 100% natural. These bath bombs even come with a surprise little plush doll. These are not the only ones available with a gift. You can order bath bombs that come with jewelry. After the bath bomb dissolves you could find a beautiful heart bracelet.

There are a variety of bath bombs to choose from. Everything is handmade, natural and free of any toxins. I can just imagine how wonderful some of these smell, such as the vanilla with sprinkles and the Crystal bath bombs that arrive extra fizzy.

Mona also offers Organic bath salts. A Floral Aromatic made with natural dry flowers for stress relief, skin care or make it a spa night. After this last year don't we deserve it?

A Chamomile fizzy bath sounds delightful! It is a Chamomile flower and fairy dust along with organic oils for a magical relaxation. Each of these organic bath salts comes with a cute little wooden spoon. The packaging is adorable, imagine the smell of lavender before you even open the package.

Mona"s shop NY will provide bath bombs that are to your liking. Some other great scents they have available are Blueberry Muffin, Gingerbread, Bubble Gum, and Coconut.

Everything comes in a beautiful package. So, it's ready to give another if that's your wish. The scents make your tub smell glorius. If your looking to spoil yourself or another, you should check out the bath products at Monas Shop.

These are affordable, organically made bath products that will help you enjoy your tub time immensely.

We received a subscription box from Mona's Shop NY. They come for 1, 3, 6, or 1 year. Inside this amazing box of goodies we found: Two bath bombs, Powder dust with a wooden spoon, One jar of bath salts with a wooden scoop And a bath scrub.

Mona is the owner of Mona"s shop NY. It is her goal to make unique bath bombs for different occasions. Mona's family consists of five. They are a Military family from New York. She invites you to join her in her new adventure of fabulous bath bombs.

You can PURCHASE via Mona's Shop NY
You can connect via: Instagram and @MonasShopNY


  1. Those bath bombs look really nice. Great gift idea!

  2. Every woman deserves pampering and deserves to take time for themselves! There's nothing like a hot bubble bath with a great bath bomb! My daughter loves them too!