Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Notebook House

 This is a sponsored post on behalf of our friends at The Notebook House.

I have watched the movie The Notebook so many times.  And yes, I cry every time.  It's the sort of love story that never gets old.  

Noah repaired the house in hopes that Allie would come back to him.  After seeing Noah standing in front of the finished house in a newspaper just days before her presumed marriage to another suitor, Allie knew she had to go see the house and Noah.  The rest is history. 

The Notebook was the first novel written by Nicholas Sparks, one of my favorite authors.  Based on his wife's grandparents' love for one another, the best-selling book and iconic movie are now part of pop culture.

While the book and movie lead you to believe the house is in North Carolina, it is actually in Wadmalaw Island, near Charleston, South Carolina. The Notebook House is where Noah and Allie seal their fate and live their dream.  The house represents the true meaning of love.


You can see the interactive 3D Notebook House here.   Use the slider on the page to see before and after pictures of The Notebook House.  You can also see all the other repairs to the house from the blue shutters to the painting room Noah specifically built in hopes that Allie would return to him.

One of the greatest love stories of all time, The Notebook, will forever be a constant reminder that true love does exist.

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite part of The Notebook House.


  1. I cry everytime too!! Also during the Titanic..Stepmom..the last episode of The Vampire diaries lol. I am a crier..but The Notebook is my epic cry!

  2. Such a beautiful home. I love the porches!