Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Mandalorian Strada Insulated Stainless Steel from BlenderBottle

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.
We received The Mandalorian Strada This Is The Way Shaker Bottle from Blender Bottle. This is something my son took immediately since he loves Star Wars, and this cup has a beautiful image of Grogu. The artwork is magnificent, and right up front I can tell you that unlike a lot of other bottles this graphic is not going to start fading away after you have used it a couple of times.

If you are like me, your cupboard has probably seen a lot of bottles/shakers that just could not stand the test of time. Some of mine actually didn't make it to the cupboard I dropped them and that was it. The Blender Bottle are manufactured using high quality materials, their not going to break or even pop open if you accidentally drop them. The features of this insulated stainless steel shaker are fantastic.

I was so glad to find out that lumpy shakes are now a part of the past. Blender Bottle's powerful mixing system uses a Blender Ball wire whisk. It is a sigh when you find that it is just so easy to get yourself a a smooth protein shake. The bottom is rounded, if you need to add your liquid first the Blender Ball is able to easily mix every last bit of the powder.

Another feature that is super great is how long beverages last in these bottles. The double wall vacuum-insulated bottles will keep drinks icey cold for up to 24 hours. There will be no condensation on the bottle.

I have found that several shakers are hard to open and close. So, I was happy to find that these bottles are designed to open with just a push of the button. Then just snap the bottle shut with the secure lock-lid for a quick leak proof seal. You can throw these bottle in your gym bag and there will no leaks during your work out. Like the other features the next is just as easy. You can carry your shaker with ease holding the flexible, ergonomic carry loop. This provides a comfortable hold and makes portability easy. The loop can be attached to your gym bag or even attach your keys to this carry loop. The Blender Bottle Strada helps make life a little more convenient.

The Mandalorian Strada become my son's new favorite. He loves that his shakes are nice and smooth. It doesnt matter if his beverage is hot or cold the shaker keeps his drink great for a long period of time. My son loves his smoothies so it is also nice that these Blender Bottles are so easy to keep clean and they don't get a smell to them after so many uses. You have to know the smell I am talking about. I have had to toss a few things due to this nasty smell.

Blender bottle does more than just sell bottles. They simplify and improve everyday life. They create solutions and challenge the status quo. They say that they are just getting started. They also say that they are not copyists they are creators. They refuse to produce a product that is common or ordinary. Their passion and creativity are in the very DNA of everything they make. Today, their products are in more than 60,000 retail stores and 90 countries. They've been hailed by Good Morning America, Self, the Today Show, Men's Fitness and hundreds more as some of the hottest new products on the market.

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  1. This sounds nice. I have an original blender bottle and love it.