Monday, April 26, 2021

The Grandma & Me: Explore Outdoors Activity Kit perfect for Mother's Day

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.
In the midst of a pandemic there are not many activities open in our community for the children. Understandably, it is a slow, safe process opening places to crowds of people. It is a great time however, to start exploring the outdoors with your children. This is how we became interested in Little Bridges.

Little Bridges released an outdoor intergenerational activity kit recently and we have been lucky to review it. The Grandma & Me : Explore Outdoors provides grandmothers an easy, engaging way to explore nature with their grandchildren.

The Grandma & Me: Explore Outdoors is a complete activity kit that's recommended for children four years through eight years and above. It has been designed to inspire outside playtime.

The activity kit comes packaged neat and organized with instructions on how you will be using everything in the kit. The kit comes complete with a Storybook, Magnifying Glass, Outdoor Activity Journal, Solar Print Kit, Drawstring Backpack, 3 Fine Point Paint Pens, and Sidewalk Chalk.

To get started with the activities me and my granddaughter read a book together. "A Busy Bee Life" This book has a wonderful storyline that is fact filled while explaining the busy, buzzing life of a beehive. I could tell that my granddaughter and her older brother found this book very interesting. The illustrations are bright and just stunning. We probably discussed bees for the next two days after this read. I know they will want to go back to this book and read it again.

Everything else will be found inside the child sized drawstring backpack. I noticed right away that the quality of the backpack was excellent along with all the items in the kit. Children are able to personalize their backpack before heading for the outdoors. There was nothing in this kit that came flimsy or cheap. All the ideas are safe and easy to do.

There is a unique activity journal that has many ideas for nature based activities. A few that have interested us have been painting rocks, playing an outdoor alphabet game and pressing flowers. The journal is going to become a special keepsake that her and I can write notes and draw pictures. I always treasure things like that.

Another awesome activity in the box is a solar print kit that comes with instructions. Don't get nervous, it's not hard. The instructions told us to collect objects from the outside such as flowers, leaves and small sticks. Remove a piece of solar paper and place it in the solar frame. Leaving the frame open the objects are arranged on the paper and then close the clear frame. The frame gets placed in the direct sunlight for 1-5 minutes then remove the paper from the objects and rinse the paper under water for a minute. After drying flat you will have a finished solar print that will amaze the kids. They feel so accomplished that they have made something so cool.

There are many more cool ideas that we have not yet tried such as a scavenger hunt and making nature faces. It will be such a delight for me to spend this summer filling the journal with different nature activities her and I will do together. That is what the box is about though, creating memories together. The kit encourages ways to play together outdoors, keeping children off their devices while bonding with grandma.

The activity box was put together using high quality, safe material. The kit was put together perfectly, encouraging interactive outside experiences. I would say that this may be a perfect gift for a grandma for Mother's Day. Essentially, your giving her the gift of memories. I love that thought.

Kate Jerome and Raoul Goff are co-founders of Little Bridges. They strongly advocate introducing children to the value of nature at an early age.

Kate is a veteran, publishing executive, award winning children's book author and intergenerational product expert. She has designed science programs for kids with publishers like Cengage and National Geographic.

Raoul is a media entrepreneur, award winning product designer and avid environmentalist. He is committed to developing a new generation of environmental stewards.

Their first intergenerational activity kits were praised by New York Magazine, US Weekly and Reader's Digest among many others.

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  1. How awesome!! The pandemic has also caused children to be in front of a screen this is perfect! Kids need time outside and fresh air..and time with grandma!!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun for little ones.