Friday, April 30, 2021

Why a Heavy Duty Screen Frame is the Best


So, you’re in the market to DIY some new window screen frames. You are looking for the best window screen frame at a budget-friendly price. You will see a lot of terms like roll-form or coil form, extruded aluminum, and window screen frame thickness sizes tossed around as you begin browsing to search for what you need. Unfortunately, unless you are a professional builder or interior decorator, you probably don’t often shop regularly for windows and window screen frames, so you can find yourself in a situation where you will have to research which is best and it can be very overwhelming. Which one to choose? What’s the difference between the ones marked as heavy-duty and those that aren’t? Does it matter if it’s heavy-duty or not?

It does matter. When it comes to window screen frames, a heavy-duty screen frame is the best choice for any window treatment project. Let’s get into precisely why it’s always best to go heavy-duty when it comes to your screen frames.


What’s the Difference Between Extruded Aluminum and Rolled?

On the very surface when you visually skim an aluminum extruded or rolled frame, they often look alike. Outward, you may not see much of a difference. However, it is often what is not seen on the surface.

A rolled aluminum screen frame commonly has two different styles, box frame and lip frame. Roll-form is also a much thinner product, roughly the thickness of the aluminum construction of a soda can. The roll form screen frame is a lightweight and economical choice, yet it is much weaker than extruded forms. Roll-form is created by taking a thin, flat piece of aluminum stock and rolling it onto either a box shape or a lip frame and crimping the edge to keep the shape. Rolled aluminum screen frames are a decent choice for small windows and those wishing to own the most affordable option.

Roll-form is also much more easily prone to denting, damages, and joints are often lapped (or overlapping) which results, frankly, in a less than attractive appearance. Additionally, roll-form frames are more susceptible to moisture infiltration and the finish is much less durable and fades or chalks earlier than the finishes on extruded material.

Extruded aluminum or heavy-duty window screen frames are a far better quality of material than roll-form. A heavy-duty screen frame is roughly as thick as a quarter.


What Makes Extruded Aluminum Stronger?

Extruded aluminum is strong while still being lightweight. Specialized machines can easily extrude aluminum into a limitless variety of cross-sections which make the material perfect for window screen frames, gutters, and other structures. Just how strong is extruded aluminum anyway? The quickest answer is surprisingly heavy-duty strong.


Strength in heavy-duty window screens in this case means the load the material can take before failing. This is called “tensile strength” and it is expressed lbf/in², or MN/m2 in the metric system. When considering the strength of aluminum, you’ll find that it relates to the material grade, with some graders hardier than others. The second aspect of this strength is the nature of the load, and this is where the shape is important. Some shapes are stronger at holding applied loads much better than others. And lastly, temperature plays a part in affecting material strength.

The Impact of Extruding

To produce a heavy-duty, aluminum extrusion, a billet of heated aluminum is forced through a die. This creates massive work-hardening, which is proportional to the reduction in an area, or the aluminum is hardened. This creates a material that is tougher to bend, dent, or damage than roll-form frames and creates a durable frame that can withstand much larger windows or openings, such as porches or screen doors.

Why a Heavy Duty Screen Frame Is Best

A heavy-duty window screen is best for many fantastic reasons. First, as we learned, in terms of both thickness and uniformity it is of much higher quality than rolled form. Next, the resistance to being dented or damaged means that during the worse storms, or even accidental bumps, your heavy-duty aluminum screen frame will be able to withstand more.

In terms of the beautiful color and finish, heavy-duty frames are less likely to sun-fade as fast as roll-form aluminum and outlast as well as outperform the finished on thinner frames.

A heavy-duty frame is best for homeowners that want strong, reliable, ultra-durable window screen frames that will perform and look beautiful on their home for years to come.


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