Thursday, May 6, 2021

Embossed Rolling Pin for the Sweet Creative Mom

We had the opportunity to review an embossed rolling pin from Embossed Co.
If you have not always been a baker, it may be something you have picked up in the last year from our time inside. I remember my gram always having a favorite rolling pin. When I received the rolling pin from Embossed Co., I thought of her and how much she would have loved these rolling pins. She loved cooking and baking for her family.

The Embossed Rolling Pins are patterned and unique. These are made with high quality materials that means these rolling pins can last for a very long time, making them like an heirloom you can pass down through generations. I know I would love to have my gram's rolling pin.
These patterned rolling pins are made from 100% pure high-grade solid beach wood. They are also free of BPA and any other toxic substances, making them 100% food safe. The quality that gives these rolling pins their heirloom quality would be the beautiful 3D pattern. All of the patterns on these rolling pins are detailed meticulously and engraved deep into the wood for maximum effectiveness.

These embossed textured rolling pins come in the traditional size causing the engraving pattern to be large. The detailing on the rollers is so precise intricate, you will be amazed at how this makes them so durable and versatile for baking needs. The rolling pins are top of the line quality. Seriously, I have owned many rolling pins that have been so cheaply made with low grade wood, they were lucky to last through one of our meals. The embossed rolling pins from Embossed Co. are sturdy, tough, well made and gorgeous. They help add beautiful art to our food. How cool is it when your food comes out looking like it was professionally made.
The 3D rolling pins just start with a piece of natural beech wood that is carved lovingly into shape. Then a high precision laser is used to carefully engrave the detailed decorative pattern onto the rolling pin. After this is finished the rolling pin is washed and dried to remove any wood particles from the engraving process. Every rolling pin is inspected carefully to ensure they are top quality and then a coat of natural, food safe oil is applied by hand to preserve the wood.

Believe me, after using the rolling pin once I was asked how I got such a beautiful pattern on the cookies. It is super fun for both me and the kids to use the rolling pin. We are still coming up with ideas about what to use the rolling pin for. You can use these on homemade noodle or even work with clay, giving pottery a decorative texture. This gives them their durability. I would love to have a few more of the rolling pins.
I also love that each one of these rolling pins are unique, because they are made by hand, there may be a slight differences in the color and sizes. I love that their may be slight imperfections giving each one character. This does nothing what so ever to ruin the amazing quality of these rolling pins. It just adds to the beauty.

One of these textured rolling pins would make the perfect Mother's Day. Not only Mother's Day but they would be great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, weddings or even a house warming gift. The rolling pins are a beautiful gift that is going to last a life time. Any person who has lovingly used their rolling pin to help prepare food for their family over the years is going to have a beautiful gift to pass down.
At Embossed Co. you will find that they make and sell the highest quality embossed rolling pins. They are lovers of baking cakes, cookies and other treats, but have had trouble making their baking creations look beautiful without all the additional hours required in the kitchen. They were over the moon to discover decorative rolling pins. Decorating their pastries was now fun and easy. It only took seconds rather than the hours. Soon after their discovery of the rolling pins they founded Embossed Co. where they could spread awareness of these decorative rolling pins.

Embossed Co. also with the help of their customers work to donate significant proceeds to non profit organizations that provide healthy meals to malnourished families in impoverished communities in developing countries.

You can PURCHASE via Embossed Co.

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