Thursday, May 6, 2021

Mother's Day Pamper Yourself Gift Bundle from Healing Rose

We received a sample in exchange for a honest review.
Mother's Day is only days away, and then Father's Day will be on the horizon. These are extra important days for those extra important people in our lives. This year I recommend helping your parents unwind and relax using Bath soaks from The Healing Rose Company.

The Healing Rose Company offers handcrafted extracts and body care. These folks have transformed the traditional ways we have cared for our bodies, by producing products that are infused with essential oils, carrier oils, herbs, butters and waxes.
CBD products are popular and getting more and more attention everyday because there are so many benefits to using these products.

I have had the opportunity to review The Mother's Day Pamper Yourself Gift Bundle from The Healing Rose.

The Pamper Yourself gift bundle includes:

  • The Salve Sampler Pack comes with 4 mini salves.
  • Massage Oil Sampler Pack of 4 mini massage oils.
  • 4 Pack of Lip Balms
  • 4 Pack of Bath Soaks - Caught in the Rain (Limited Edition Bath Soak), Relax & Unwind Bath Soak, Goddess Revival Bath Soak and Unscented Bath Soak.

    You can also have a personalized note handcrafted for your gift. Any kind of note you wish them to include will be at no extra cost to you. These are at their lowest prices they can offer.

    After a long day of chasing pets, children and completing work and chores unwinding in one of these bath soaks is amazing. It is a fresh breath of relief to my aching bones. The smells are absolutely divine and I'm not sure any other company I have tried can match the smell and effectiveness.

    I would recommend that if you are having muscle or joint pains, these products are for you. Skin issues? They have you covered there as well.
    The Healing Rose Company handcrafts their hemp derived CBD products in small batches using only organic and natural ingredients. These products are made using high quality ingredients.

    These along with other products that can be found at The Healing Rose Company would make a great Mother's day gift. These products are also just as great for men. If they are not into all the delicious smells they do offer some products that are not scented. A favorite of mmine is Hippie's Hideaway. There is also Caught In The Rain and Relax and Unwind, Goddess Revival, Fortify and Renew and the Unscented Bath Soak. These are all great. The Healing Rose has some unique recipes for their product lines. There are apothecary themed sets with products that have relaxing lavender, soothing Peppermint, calming lemon ginger and energizing coffee. They offer a salve for sore muscle and joint. pain, as well as other wonderful bath products. I could go on and on about their aromatherapy. After using bath salts with Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Atlas Cedarwood and Lavender you can expect to feel very relaxed and you will feel more circulation in your lower half. You will be sleepy and ready for a good nights rest. One of the main benefits to women who use this product is it helps them regulate their hormonal cycle.
    The Healing Rose is an affordable way to start self care. Whether it is Mothers Day, Fathers Day a Birthday or Christmas this would be a wonderful gift.

    The Healing Rose Company, a woman-owned handcrafter of body care products using USDA-certified organic ingredients, announced it is expanding its popular line of CBD-infused bath soaks, adding two new standard bath soaks, plus four limited-edition soaks available seasonally.

    The new bath soaks contain 50 percent more CBD, and feature 12 new essential oils, including scents like patchouli and blood orange. The products come in reduced-waste packaging.

    Laura Beohner is the president and co-founder of The Healing Rose Company. She is committed to providing their customers with CBD-infused products that are made with the highest quality, certified, organic ingredients in a variety of scents that appeal to all kinds of different people.

    You can PURCHASE via Healing Rose Company

    1. These sound like great products. Wonderful gift idea!

    2. This sounds amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, I'm a mother of two and love the idea of pampering myself on mothers day!

    3. Every woman deserves to be pampered and this seems like a great way to do that! Thanks for sharing!