Thursday, May 6, 2021

Silk Pillow Case from Celestial Silk

We received a sample in exchange for a honest opinion.
Are you looking to find something lovely for that special mother in your life? If so, I'm here to share with you a review I had the opportunity to facilitate recently. I think it would be a perfect option, I have really enjoyed it myself immensely.

Celestrial Silk sent us a Plum Diamond Silk Pillowcase and a giftset with an Amethyst Beauty Roller for our review. Talk about feeling pampered, using these silk pillow cases will have you feeling like a queen.

Sleeping on a Silk pillowcase means you wake up in the morning with hair that isn't all tangled up. You will retain moisture in both your skin and your hair. For me these are great benefits. I have hair that tends to be on the frizzy side, I've had some great improvement since using the Celestrial Silk pillowcase. The silky smooth surface of the pillows reduces friction that will cause hair damage, frizz and those dreaded split ends. Cotton will twist and pull at your hair and even delicate facial skin while you're asleep. The silk is so much better about retaining moisture so that skin and hair stays hydrated while you're dreaming. My hair even feels better after using the Silk pillowcase.
The pillowcase are 100% mulberry Silk. They will keep you warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer. These are Oeko-Tex certified, this means that no toxic chemicals or dyes are ever used. These luxurious pillowcases are thicker and more substantial with 30% more silk than competitors. These pillowcases are high quality, durable and extremely comfortable. They come in a variety of 20 colors and in standard queen, and king sizes. These superb pillows are not only for women. Men also love using the Celestial pillow cases. Readers Digest recommended the Celestial pillowcases for Father's Day for the last few years. Silk helps men keep their beards healthy. This is a wonderful high quality durable gift that any man or woman would love receiving.

There are two styles you can choose from the envelope or zippered pillowcase, these are both made with side enclosures and designed to keep that pillow kept nice and snug on the inside. The zipper is almost undetectable while the envelope is the traditional style of pillowcase with a hidden flap inside to secure the silk pillowcase while you are sleeping.

Along with the pillow I received a self-care gift set from Celestial Silk that included Silk Spa headband and an Amethyst Gem Face Roller. These come already wrapped in tissue for gifting. The smooth silk headband not only looks beautiful it feels great as it holds the hair away from your face. For an extra touch of elegance this head band is filled with mulberry silk floss. It is softly cushioned and extra comfortable. It features an adjustable Velcro strap so it will perfectly fit anyone.

The Celestial Silk face rollers feel devine. These were expertly handcrafted with authentic, genuine gemstones. They are just lovely, with dual sides the roller easily targets all delicate facial skin. Face rollers are good for helping skin to feel balanced and refreshed. They work an awesome job at helping to relieve tension.

Both of these gift items were manufactured using high quality materials. They help to make self care a little bit easier. Such as using the headband when applying make-up or using facial masks. It also helps prevent hair creases and will hold curly hair in place.

This is a great option for those special momma's this year. Can't go wrong helping them feel like the queens they are. All of the products at Celestial Silk are made using safe high quality items at an affordable cost. Your giving the gift of a smooth healthy complexion and hair that finally loses its frizz. I promise any mother would love that. You can PURCHASE via Celestrial Silk

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