Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Teleflora "Drawn to Mom"

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The last year has been hard on the majority of us who are use to spending holidays with each other and here we are still social distancing. It's especially hard for children. Through Teleflora, we have been able to let people know that here we are thinking of them. Teleflora's new Mother's Day campaign called "Drawn to Mom" spotlights the past year from a child's perspective and through their drawings.

From "going to work" with Mom everyday to Mom "going to school" with her kids and the many snacks that were in between all this. Teleflora spotlights how having a mom by their side made this past year probably one of the most memorable years for the kids.
"Drawn to Mom" is an extension of Teleflora's ongoing "Love Out Loud" brand platform, which encourages people to share love. On May 3, Teleflora will encourage their followers on Facebook, Instagram to share about a special mom in their lives that goes above and beyond for their kids. This is going to be for a chance to win $100 Teleflora gift card. This Mother's Day, Teleflora, the world's leading floral delivery service, is paying homage to Mom in its new campaign "Drawn to Mom".
A video for "Drawn to Mom" campaign narrates a daughter's letter to her mommy. The child reflects on the past year while drawing a picture. Through this reflection, we see moments together from the past year. Proudly displayed on their mantle is a drawing of her mother teaching her how to ride a bike. One drawing is framed of the mother working with her children, who are on each side of her. This treasured framed art can be seen on the mom's desk as we watch her type away on her computer in the foreground while in the background are superhero Adventures. The kids are jumping on the bed and laughing, as mom reminds them she is in a work meeting in the other room. This little girl acknowledges that she has always known her mother has done a lot for har and the rest of the family. She was grateful that she got to have a front row seat for it all, that she had her mom by her side for this past year.It is very heart touching.

"Drawn to Mom" captures the essence of this past year when mom was there for it all and how she made it so special, told through the eyes of a child. Have your story about that special Mom ready to share on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win $100!

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  1. I absolutely love this! The pandemic has been tough on everyone but a special tough on moms! Happy Mothers day to all moms out there. A special thank you to Teleflora for doing this!