Thursday, July 15, 2021

Grandma & Me: In The Kitchen Activity Kit from Little Bridges

We had the opportunity to review The Grandma & Me: In The Kitchen Activity Kit from Little Bridges. This is an Intergenerational concept. As grandparents it is sometimes difficult to think of meaningful gifts and activities to do with the grandchildren. Thank goodness, a place like Little Bridges exists to take away the confusion. Now we don’t have to just give our little one gifts we can give them experiences.

The Grandma and Me: In The Kitchen is an activity Kit for grandma and her four year old grandchild. Most grandmothers spend a lot of time in their kitchens. It’s a place where the family often gathers, a wonderful setting to nurture those intergenerational bonds.

Inside you’re going to find an easy to read a story book, a keepsake pot holder for grandma, a keepsake apron for grandchild, fabric paint for personalization, a one of a kind Activity Recipe Journal with conversations cards, and recipe pages.

Grandma can start off by reading her grandchild a story book out loud. Both the grandchild and the grandmother can work together personalizing the pot holder. Then do some one of a kind recipes together.

This is always a fun activity Kit, packed with things you can do with your grandchild. They supply high quality and safe material. This box is an awesome birthday idea or for Christmas gifting.

Grandparents and parents alike know that family stories and important conversations are essential to a child’s well-being. In this busy world it is often hard to find the time or the way. This is where Little Bridges comes in at. Each of their kids provide a set of fun filled activities that are intentionally designed to inspire meaningful conversation delightful moments and connection between kids and their favorite adults.

Kate Jerome is a seasoned publishing executive and an award winning children’s book author who has been positively influencing younger generations for decades. Kate’s vision for Little Bridges grew out of her experience at Stanford university’s distinguished career institute during a year-long residency, Kates affiliation with Stanford Center and longevity immersed her in the research which now informs her work. As an inter-generational product innovator, Kate turns theory into practice by developing activities and books that encourage connection and meaningful conversations between children and their favorite adults.

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  1. This looks too cute and a lot of fun! My kids would like this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How cute is this! I haven't seen this before. Thanks for posting!

  3. What a funand creative idea! I like this!