Friday, June 11, 2021

The Coca Cola Trail; People and Places In the History of Coca Cola Book Review

We received a sample in exchange for a review.
We had the opportunity to review the book The Coca Cola Trail; People and Places In the History of Coca Cola, written by Larry Jorgensen. .

Are you into history? I love reading about history and the stories of the men and women who lived years before my time. I already knew this book was going to be super interesting for me.

The Coca Cola Trail is a journey for those folks that are interested in discovering the history and the growth of the world's most recognized product. It doesn't matter whether you are a very serious memorabilia Coca Cola collector or interested in America's business history or just a fan of Coca Cola, this is going to be a fresh delight.

Each chapter in this book represents a different town or a historical story. This book has historic and recent photos that bring the places and people in the book to life. There is a chapter about how you can purchase an antique Coca Cola vending machine. There are places in the book that include bottling companies in town across the nation. The book includes Louisiana sites such as Joseph A. Biedenharn's Vicksburg company where Coke was served and grew popular, this led to Biedenharn bottling the concoction for the first time in history, his home in Monroe, now a historic landmark with the Biedenharn Coca Cola Museum next door.

Larry Jorgensen of  Lafayette, Louisiana the author has done excellent research showcasing the history of Coke and the attractions that are unique to Coca Cola.

This is a great read. It is an awesome gift for many. If you would like to learn more or PURCHASE Click Here


  1. Coca Cola told their employees to be "Less White". Personally, I have no idea how to be less white, but I do know how to refrain from using their products.

  2. This sounds really interesting. I think I would enjoy this book!

  3. I love this. I am a 1992 National Coca Cola Scholar and I collect Coca Cola memorabilia. I need to get this.