Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tired of Sorting Sheets try FIX Linens


We had the wonderful opportunity to facilitate a review for sheets from FIX Linens. Sheets can become pricey, especially quality sheets that are worth resting ourselves on.
The sheets from FIX Linens arrived in customized earth friendly packaging. These soft, crisp, white, silky sheets feel as though I’m laying down on luxury. They were very easy to put on my bed.

Once you're using these sheets there's no more sorting sheets, no more fighting to get those sheets on the bed. We can finally find the top of the sheet because of the color coded tags and a thin line of embroidery to mark the size of each sheet.

These durable sheets are 100% long-staple cotton with a smooth, sateen weave. They are cozy, comfortable and breathable. The color coded tags make it easy to organize, no more mixing up king sheets with queen sheets while folding them. <

All FIX products are OEKO-TEX certified and tested for harmful chemicals to safeguard the health of customers and the planet at every stage of the production. These high quality durable women lead to longer product life cycle and a reduction in waste.

FIX Linens is on a mission to create hotel-quality frustration-free bedding for everyone. The FIX system takes all the stress out of sorting sheets and fighting complicated duvet covers. They offer affordable, high quality essentials that make life easier.

FIX Linens was founded by Airbnb superhost who was tired of sorting through piles of cheap white linens. FIX provides exhaustively researched bedding systems.

If you would like to PURCHASE or learn more about these soft, smooth FIX Sheets. Please visit their web site at FIX Linens

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