Monday, September 6, 2021

Online Games to Help you Relax

When you get to the end of your day, what do you do to relax?   If I have a good book on my reading list, that is such a relaxing thing to do.  Grab your favorite beverage and begin reading your book.  Ahhhh, such a relaxing thing to do.  A hot cup of tea and a good book and I am in my own little world.

When your day has been filled with the ups and downs of a job, you can really be stressed out.  I know my mind is still racing about my tasks for that day.  I had a former employer suggest I end my day with a game of solitaire.  This has worked for me for a number of years!  Play a couple of games of solitaire online and call it a day.

This really helped me get over the stress factor of working as a paralegal in a busy law office.  It has been a few years since I have worked outside of the home, but I still practice this ritual.  I found a new site to play all of my favorite online games and it is FREE.  Check out for all your favorite games like solitaire, mahjong tiles, free cell, hidden object games, and so much more.

Playing these types of games takes away the stresses of everyday life, but still keeps your mind sharp. Play for 30 minutes or an hour and you are relaxed!

This is also something I do late at night when I am ready to clear my mind, so I can relax and go to sleep.  But, I will admit, it usually runs into more than one game!  I always want to beat my last score.  Best of all, you play alone, it is YOUR game, and there are no competitors.  You should try it.

What games do you like to play to relax?  Drop me a comment below.

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